Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm a poet and writer

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

anthologies and online.

Below are some of my favourite silly poems. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

60 seconds A lot can happen in 60 seconds and even more in a minute. You can floss your teeth and tie your shoes or blink 12 times within it! A hummingbird flaps 4,000 times, there are 59 weddings and 3 parking fines (in Melbourne). 300 lightning strikes hit Earth. 250 mothers give birth. 5 ... Read more
My sister out from England said, “Something’s just not right. Now, all your Aussie creatures, they either sting or bite.” “Yes,” I said, “I have a book. I’ll read it out to you – for if you’re stung or bitten, it will tell you what to do.” “There’re; centipedes and sharks and snakes, spiders, ants, ... Read more
My baby brother’s crying. What if he just won’t stop? My mother’s running all around, clutching at a mop. “Get up on the sofa!” Tears fill up the room. Father’s soaking up the flood, with a towel and broom. Then baby’s gliding past, upon a silver tray. “Quick your little brother, before he floats away!” ... Read more
Camel got the hump when my granny climbed on top, gurgled, frothed and camel burped… Non-stop! She’d kicked him as she mounted. Accidentally. Apologised politely, but still he spat at me. Then they lurched to standing, and I thought they’d surely go. Instead, he lifted up his tail: A present dropped below. Granny just smiled ... Read more
Looking breathless to the sky, I see a high trapeze, for cockatoos are clownish acrobats. Upon a summer’s breeze, they swing with practiced ease, alighting just to raise their yellow hats. Death defying in their flying, their act electrifying, they begin to sing a raucous lullaby. It’s too much for my mother when they start ... Read more
Take away all of those long beans throw away broccoli too. I’m quite unable to like greens ditto for anything blue! Eggplant and Aubergine, no, no! Roasted nor boiled nor fried. Veggies of all kinds can, go, go and any food I haven’t tried! Nothing that’s fruity or cheesy, no soup, no pasta, no rice. ... Read more
I’m sorry Sir I cannot do it cannot study maths today. No, not now and no not never, and not because I isn’t clever. I’s a genius – that I know because my granny told me so. It’s just I have an allergy to numbers 4 and 6 and 3. Just to hear them brings ... Read more
Phineas McGonagall was very strange indeed, For the manner of his feeding and for where he kept his feed. Upon his head, he wore a wig of lamington and cheese. His beard was full of ‘little boys’ that dangled to his knees. Among his friends I must say there were many most disgusted: And so ... Read more
Silly Sally Sorenson set off into the blue, to sample every food that’s spicy hot. Curried eggs and vindaloo, pepper on a pepper stew, ginger tea and garlic with the lot! A bowl of red-hot chilli, some mustard piccalilli, radishes and onion sealed her doom. She shot off to the loo, to find a lengthy ... Read more
Ripples leave their Imprints on a soft and sandy rise, Vines are dipping fingers while the Evening winks her eyes; Resting crimson ribbons round the river’s dusty sides.   The River Goes to Sleep is an acrostic poem, a fancy word for a fun idea. To make an acrostic poem you must start each line ... Read more