Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

Children's University

I’m guessing you already know my name is Alys. And you probably know that I love writing. But I bet you didn’t know that I also love planting stuff, especially stuff that doesn’t die when the weather gets too hot – which it does quite often in Australia. 😭 

Oh, and I own a very bossy cat called Leo. 


Leo “helping” me write! 🙄

I write poems, short stories and BOOKSAll YOU have to do is choose what you’d like to read: A STORY or a POEM. 

Or how about you go crazy and read both?! Next choose a downloadable activity from the list below. There are lots to choose from. There are even a few VIDEOS.

#walktober Challenge 

Create a ninja course, design a walking map, make a flip book and lots more. Try out six free challenges and earn 2 hours in your Passports!! 

Create a Picture Book Challenge

Writing a picture book is a bit like baking a cake. Well, no. Not really. But it CAN be as much fun. To help you write the best, most splendiferous picture book ever, I have created the perfect recipe 🧁. All you have to do is download the activity sheet below and have a go at cooking up, I mean writing up, your own masterpiece. I’ve even created a storyboard template for you to print out.

Children’s University members can earn 60 minutes in their passports. 



Hugo’s Runaway Legs Activity

Have you ever been read to by a real Duchess? Now’s your chance. 👑 

Listen to Hugo’s Runaway Legs read by Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York!!

Click HERE to listen to the story.                                                                                                   

Did you like the story? Silly, isn’t it?! But using your legs and exercising is really, really, SUPER important, right? 

That’s why I try to go for walks as often as possible. Now for some fun, leggy-related activities.                  

Download the booklet below, complete the activities then show them to your in- school coordinator for a 60-minute stamp. 




Cry Baby Baby won’t stop crying! Read this poem then create your own cartoon.

Starving Are you a fussy eater? Then you’ll love this poem and activity all about food. 

▶️My Sister Find out about your best friend in this fun activity.

60 Seconds Find out what happens every 60 seconds then have a go at creating the world’s worst list.

▶️Snakes  I’m afraid of heights. what makes you afraid? Learn about fear.

Rosalie’s Swing If you like drawing, you’ll love trying to create a poetry picture.

Hidden Messages  Did you know that some poems have hidden messages? Watch my YouTube lesson on how to write an Acrostic Poem and follow the instructions to try one of your own. Go on. It’s fun!


Do you like reading stories? There are lots to choose from.

Meet Zac who is terrified of heights. Or Jasmine, the new girl at school. How about a kind old sheepdog who yearns to be a wolf? 

Choose a story by clicking HERE

Read the story then send me a comment using the box at the bottom of the page after each story. I love reading your comments and will send you a reply. Show your comments and my reply to your Children’s University coordinator for a 30 minute stamp in your Passport.🎓

Things to think about:

How did the story make you feel?

Who was your favourite character in the story?

How might you change the story?


Do you enjoy true stories? I do. Especially, stories that are exciting. This one is about a real shipwreck.

Watch and listen as this true story unfolds then complete the super-sleuthing activity that follows for a 60 minute stamp in your Passport.

Annie and the Shipwreck


Do you like picture books? Do you ever try writing short stories of your own?

Listen to me reading my picture book The Land Belongs to Me. I’ll also give you some tips and tricks to writing followed by a mini-story challenge for a 30 minute stamp in your Passport.

About the Children’s University

The Children’s University is an International charity aimed at providing innovative and engaging activities for children between the ages of 7 and 14.

Activities are designed to develop confidence, a love of learning and new skills.

Children’s University Australasia is hosted by the University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus.

Children engaged within the program are given a Passport to Learning. After completing a validated activity, children receive a stamp in their passport which records the hours taken to complete the activity. Once they achieve the required number of hours children graduate at a ceremony during which they receive a graduation certificate.  For more information, go directly to the Children’s University website.

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