Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

Hi, I’m Alys and I love writing stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. Don’t forget to leave me a comment at the end. I love to hear what you think. Alys 

© Alys Jackson 2018
All around Annie the ocean rose and fell like a wild animal, the water snapping and crashing, jagged and as sharp as teeth. ... Read More

Published in Blast Off, July 2018

Jasmine stared back at Bridgett and reigned in her temper. Just. After all, she was the newcomer, the new girl at school. It was up to her to fit in. ... Read More
‘He’s burying something,’ whispered Mal. Sam pushed through his brother’s legs and peered between the slats of a high fence. ... Read More

Published on WellRead Online Platform, 2020

Being small sucked. So did living underground. Not that Drag could remember living anywhere else. ... Read More

Published in The Caterpillar, Issue 26, Autumn 2019

Auburney’s scream became a series of wails. Children scattered in all directions, all of them screaming at the tops of their voices. ... Read More
The young man was huddled beneath a narrow roof, his body barely visible under a pile of faded grey blankets. ... Read More

Published In Touchdown, March 2019

Callum might not be the top student in his class, or a champion at sport, but he was a fearless bike rider. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, November, 2020

The moon is rising, when Max encounters his first wolf. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, 2019

My horns flex and Beth apologises. ‘I’m sorry, Kal. Lucy isn’t trying to be rude. ... Read More

Published in Countdown, October 2019

Isaac glanced back over his shoulder but the small six-room orphanage had been swallowed up by the trees. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, Nov 2017

'Can’t you at least try to be good?’ sighed Hana. ‘I’m sure mother would let you stay if you weren’t so naughty'. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, Feb 2017.

‘We start at three in the morning and finish at five in the evening,’ says Mrs Lucas. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, September, 2019

Rome. Camilla had heard about the capital of the Roman Empire. But seeing it was something else. ... Read More

Published in Touchdown, July 2018

Ned fought to the surface and gulped huge breaths, the power of the river terrifying. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, July 2018

May-Ling suddenly wasn’t sure what she wanted anymore. When she thought about going to Australia it now made her feel ill. ... Read More

Published in Touchdown, February 2018

‘Quiet!’ shouted the elderly man. ‘Can’t you see he doesn’t know?’ ‘Know what?’ asked Daniel. His legs felt weak and shaky. ... Read More

Published in Orbit, Aug 2017