Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

Bridgett’s Play

‘What if I don’t want to drive a taxi?’ said Jasmine, her arms folded tightly across her chest.

Bridgett shrugged. ‘If you want to be a part of our play then you’ll have to. It’s the only part left.’

Jasmine turned to Rosie, Kelly and Mel for support. She found only silence.

The five girls were standing at the bottom of a grassy embankment that made up one corner of the primary school oval. Above their heads, the air was filled with tiny insects that caught the late autumn light.

Jasmine stared back at Bridgett and reigned in her temper. Just. After all, she was the newcomer, the new girl at school. It was up to her to fit in. Or so everyone kept telling her. But a taxi driver? Who wanted to be a taxi driver in some stupid, made-up play?

‘Maybe she could be the talent show host?’ offered Mel. ‘The one in America.’

The play was about a singer, played by Bridgett, who travels to America to perform in a TV talent show. Which she wins. Bridgett had come up with the idea. She wanted them to perform the play at her grandmother’s ninetieth birthday party.

‘Rosie’s the host,’ said Bridgett with an uncompromising flick of the wrist. A small girl with a quiet face raised her hand in acknowledgment. Bridgett continued. ‘I’m the contestant, and Mel and Kelly are judges. There are no other parts.’ She turned to Jasmine who was pretending to watch the insects circling above. ‘So, are you in or not?’

It sounded more like an order than an invitation and with no-one else to hang out with Jasmine felt she had little choice.

She spent the rest of the lunch hour watching her new friends act out ‘Bridgett’s Day of Fame.’ Except for the part when she had to pretend to drive a taxi, and open the door for Bridgett to get in, and then open the door for Bridgett to get out.

The most annoying part was that Bridgett was an excellent actor and singer; exceptional in fact.

‘She goes to acting classes,’ explained Rosie through a yawn. She and Jasmine were walking home together, their houses only two streets apart.

Jasmine gave Rosie a quick look as the slight girl suppressed a second yawn. ‘Sorry. My stupid brother was up half the night crying. He’s got some baby virus, thing.’ She smiled. ‘Don’t get me wrong. I think you were good too.’

Jasmine tried not to gawp. After all, Bridgett hadn’t seemed to think so, tutting at her every movement, re-adjusting every slight gesture.

‘Don’t worry, she does it to all of us,’ said Rosie. ‘She’s just a little …’

‘Bossy?’ offered Jasmine.

Rosie looked shocked for a second then grinned. ‘Do you think so? I’ve never really thought about it before. We’ve known each other for so long that I suppose I’m used to it. To her.’

Jasmine wished she’d kept her mouth shut. ‘Sorry. I probably shouldn’t have said that.’

‘That’s OK,’ smiled Rosie. She paused at the steps of a one-story, red-brick house and hesitated. ‘You shouldn’t let it get to you, though. Bridgett’s alright, really.’ She looked like she might say something more then turned and ran lightly up the steps.

But it did get to Jasmine. In fact, it made Jasmine feel isolated, unwelcome and miserable.

The next few weeks of term crawled by with each practice session slightly worse than the last.

‘You need to speak up, Jasmine.’

‘Pay attention, Jasmine.’

‘Face the audience, Jasmine.’

‘Too fast, Jasmine.’

‘Too slow, Jasmine.’

By week five Jasmine was seriously beginning to hate going to school.

‘Are you coming to my place on Saturday?’ asked Rosie, catching Jasmine as she slouched into assembly.

Jasmine shrugged non-committedly.

‘It’ll be fun,’ added Rosie. ‘We’re having a dress rehearsal. Of Bridgett’s play.’

Great, thought Jasmine with a silent groan.

Rosie draped an arm around her shoulder. ‘Mum’s making brownies. The ones with white chocolate buttons.’

Jasmine gave in. It wasn’t the brownies that decided her, it was Rosie’s kindness. The only good thing about being part of Bridgett’s group was that she was gradually becoming friends with Rosie. And right now that was also about the only thing keeping her sane.

‘You’re not doing it right,’ announced Bridgett in a tone that tightened Jasmine’s chest into a knot. ‘You need to stand further back when you open the door or the audience won’t be able to see anything.’

Jasmine looked across Rosie’s back garden and caught Rosie’s eye. To her dismay, all she received was a quick wink. She glanced at Kelly and Mel. Both girls were staring steadfastly at their fingernails. Jasmine couldn’t believe it. As usual, not one of them wanted to upset Bridgett. She could see it in the anxious look on Mel’s face. It turned her embarrassment into a sudden fierce anger.

The next time they played out the scene, she pretended to swerve the taxi and crash.

There was an awkward silence.

‘I was just trying to liven up the scene,’ lied Jasmine. Her heart was beating surprisingly fast. ‘I mean, wouldn’t it be more exciting if your character almost didn’t make it to the theatre in time for the contest? It would make the story a lot more interesting.’ She emphasised the word interesting.

The look of utter disbelief on Bridgett’s face was so satisfying that Jasmine realised that she’d stumbled on the perfect way to get her own back.

‘I’m just trying to add a little drama,’ she said when the taxi ‘accidentally’ rolled over during the second take. ‘The audience will love it. Really. They will.’

Bridgett brushed grass from the sleeves of her sports’ top and got back to her feet. ‘Is that it?’ she said. Her tone was scathing. ‘Or do you plan to run me over in the next take?’

Not a bad idea, thought Jasmine but she only smiled sweetly. ‘Actually, I did have a few other ideas,’ she said.

Jasmine mentally went through every terrible TV soapie she’d ever watched and listed some of the dumber ideas. ‘Bridgett’s family could be desperately poor,’ she began. ‘Maybe her father owes money to criminals, or her brother is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Or maybe her grandmother needs a life-saving operation. It would make the audience more sympathetic to your character winning the singing contest. Think about it. A dying grandmother. What could be better?’

There was an odd look on Bridgett’s face but Jasmine ignored it.

‘Let’s face it,’ continued Jasmine. ‘Your character isn’t exactly likeable, is it?’ She held up five fingers. ‘She’s bossy. She’s loud. She’s arrogant …’ As she ticked off everything she hated about Bridgett, the girls fell silent. Jasmine didn’t even notice. ‘And she’s selfish and stupid. I mean who wants to sympathise with someone like that?’

When Jasmine looked up, Bridgett was walking away and the others were staring back at her.

‘That was mean,’ said Rosie quietly and turned to follow Bridgett.

The following day Bridgett was noticeably absent from school.

Jasmine went looking for Rosie. ‘You don’t think it’s because of what I said?’ she asked. Although she wasn’t sorry for what she’d said, she wasn’t exactly proud of herself either. ‘I mean, that’s not why Bridgett’s absent, is it?’

Rosie gave her a long searching look then sighed. ‘No, Jasmine, that’s not why she’s absent.’

Something in Rosie’s tone made Jasmine feel strange inside. ‘I didn’t mean to say those things,’ she continued, part angry, part mortified. ‘It just sort of happened.’

‘I know,’ said Rosie. She sounded sad rather than angry.

‘How’s Bridgett?’ whispered Mel, sidling up beside Jasmine, her question addressed to Rosie.

‘Why is everything always about Bridgett?’ muttered Jasmine.

‘How can you be so unsympathetic?’ snapped Rosie, and tiny prickles ran up and down Jasmine’s arms.

‘What do you mean? Why should I be? All she does is boss us around.’

Rosie looked away. ‘Never mind,’ she said quietly. ‘Forget it.’

Jasmine was left feeling sick and uneasy.

At around midday, the teacher called Rosie over. She looked serious and their whispered conversation just added to Jasmine’s unease.

‘What was that all about?’ she asked when Rosie returned to her seat.

Rosie let out a sigh. ‘Do you really care?’

‘Care about what?’ snapped Jasmine.

Rosie studied her face for a second. ‘You mean you don’t know? I thought you did. We all did.’ She took a breath. ‘Bridgett’s grandmother has been really sick. For weeks now. We all thought she was going to die.’

The classroom wobbled as Jasmine’s mind tried to fit all the pieces together. She thought about her words the day before. Or maybe her grandmother needs a life-saving operation. It would make the audience more sympathetic to your character winning the singing contest. Think about it. A dying grandmother. What could be better? No wonder they had all looked so shocked.

Jasmine’s whole body flushed hot then cold. ‘You thought I said those things on purpose?’ she began.

Rosie stopped her. ‘I’m sorry, Jasmine. Bridgett said she’d told you. And she made us promise not to talk about it.’

‘Well she didn’t tell me,’ replied Jasmine angrily.

‘That’s why she’s not here today,’ continued Rosie. ‘She’s at the hospital. I thought it meant the worst but it’s not. Her grandmother’s going to be OK. Bridgett’s gone with her mum to arrange to bring her home.’

Jasmine felt confused and angry. ‘Is that why she’s been such a … ’ She hesitated. ‘Pain?  I thought it was me. I thought she hated me.’

Rosie stared at her in dismay. ‘Hated? You should have said something.’

Jasmine flared. ‘I did say something,’ she began, then realised that she hadn’t. Not really. Not in actual words. She’d just thought about it, and let the anger build up inside. And felt silently miserable. ‘Couldn’t you see what she was doing?’ she finished.

It was Rosie’s turn to look embarrassed. ‘I guess. I mean I knew you thought she was bossy. But you always seemed to handle it, her, so well. I mean you never looked like it really bothered you. And we all thought you knew. And … well, Bridgett’s been so afraid and upset lately. I guess I was so worried about her that I didn’t really see anything else.’

‘I’m not going to apologise,’ mumbled Jasmine, embarrassment mingling with annoyance.

Rosie shook her head in sympathy. ‘You don’t have to. Look, I’m really sorry, Jasmine. I should have seen how you felt. If I’d realised, I’d have said something. Talked to Bridgett.’

The feelings that had squeezed up inside Jasmine’s stomach slowly began to unravel. It felt good, but it also left her anxious and reluctant about seeing Bridgett again.

She needn’t have worried. When Bridgett arrived at school the following morning, she was grinning like an idiot. ‘It’s my grandmother’s birthday in two weeks,’ she declared over lunch. ‘So we only have two weeks left to practice.’ She suppressed a cough. ‘So I thought we might have a practice this weekend. At my house. If you guys have the time?’ She sounded so nervous, so un-Bridgett-like, that Jasmine looked up and caught her eye. Bridgett gave her a quick, self-conscious smile. ‘And I was thinking. I really like your ideas about my character, Jasmine. Maybe she does need to loosen up.’ She took a breath. ‘Be a bit more likeable.’

It sounded a lot like an apology and Jasmine stared back in amazement. Bridgett’s face was pale, her eyes slightly puffy and rimmed with pink. There was a vulnerability there too. To Jasmine, it came as a complete shock.

Likeable? A more likeable Bridgett was something Jasmine could cope with. She held Bridgett’s gaze and decided to accept the apology. It didn’t mean they had to be friends. Not yet. But at least it was a start.

96 thoughts on “Bridgett’s Play

  1. Hi! I really liked your book. I like how they make a play for her grandma. Very kind! I love how they’re not friends at first , and they’re friends at the end! My favourite characters were Jasmine and bridgett.

    • Hi Mitakshi, thank you for such great comments! I’m glad you enjoyed the way the story moved. It’s always tricky writing story plots. It certainly was good fun to write this story. Alys

  2. Hey Alys, I am from Children’s University and I loved this story. At the start, I agreed with Jasmine. Bridget was NOT a very likeable person because she was bossy, selfish, stupid, loud and arrogant. As she said every mean thing I felt more and more sorry for Bridget. I love this story and I think you should write a book similar to this story. PLEASE! I would be the first to read it.

    • What lovely comments you make :). It was a tricky story to write because I wanted people to dislike Bridget but then to also feel a little sorry for her, too. Something similar happened to me when I was at school and I have thought about it for many years since. I’m very glad you enjoyed the story. I will do my best to write another! Alys

  3. Hi Alys
    I loved this story because it can happen to anyone and because it was a sad
    story at first and a happy story at the end.

    • Thank you, Tiaana. I wasn’t sure how to end this story. I almost wrote a sad ending but decided that I wanted the girls to become friends instead. I’m glad I did! Alys

  4. Hi again Alys

    Thank you for your recent feedback on my ending and the rejection tips.
    It was greatly appriciated. 🙂
    Just a question if you could pick 5 other authors to meet and treat to dinner who would you pick

    • Hi Lily. That’s a great question. I have so many favourite authors. After much thinking, I’ve come up with a list of 5. First would be Tolkein because I loved his fantasy series, Lord of the Rings. Karen Foxlee because her book, Lenny’s Book of Everything, made me cry. Roald Dahl because his writing is so quirky. J.K. Rowling – Oh. how I loved reading Harry Potter to my children. Erin Gough’s book Amelia Westlake made me want to write more. Lastly, Jon Klassen’s because his picture books are just so funny. Check out, I want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat. Who is your favourite author? 📚📚🤔🤔

  5. Hi Alys
    I loved this story and I hope you write more like it
    If I was to change the ending or add more to it I’d do something like this
    The morning of the play the four girls were quivering with excitement. They knew the play would be a success but they couldn’t help feeling nervous.
    Finnaly it was curtain call, there was no looking back now. Bridgett steped on to the stadge and as the first lines of the play fell from her lip all feelings of nervousness fell away and the play went on without any problams. At the end Rosie looked towards Bridgett and smiled and Bridgett beamed back at her. It was on of her first smiles since her grandmother became sick and to her it was the best feeling ever. At least they could all eb friends now.

    The story made me feel confident. Even though Bridgetts grandma was sick she pushed through and I’m assuming th eplay made her very happy.
    I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future. Also I want to be a writer but I’m afraid of rejection, do you have any tips?

    • Hi Lily. I love the story ending that you have written. Your choice of language and the connection between the characters feels very real. No wonder you want to be a writer. Being a writer means learning to accept the rejections as well as celebrating the successes. Writers tend to get way more rejections than acceptances – this is natural and to be expected. Not everyone can publish your work – it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Read as much as you can – especially in the genre you are trying to write. And learn to enjoy editing. Never submit your first draft – wait a few weeks then rewrite the parts that need fine tuning. Check spelling and punctuation. Publishers don’t like to see mistakes. And good luck!! Writing is such fun. Alys ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  6. Hello Alys!

    I found this story very sweet! 🍭 I like how Bridgett was making a play for her sick 👵🏻 for her birthday. 🎂 I really wanted this story to continue because I wanted to know it 👵🏻 was alright and if the play was a success. I was sad when it ended. 😭 But it was an awesome story! 😍💜
    #i purple u

    • That’s really nice to know, Twinkle. It took ages to figure out how to write this story. I had to work out how to make Bridgett mean for an understandable reason. In the end, I decided to make her poor grandmother sick 😆. I’m glad you liked the story!! Alys 😊

  7. Dear Alys,
    this poem was GREAT👍👌👍 I really like the start of the story because has a little problem. I like the way the girl made a play for her grandma.👵🏾🥳👵🏾 have I told you that when I go to sri-lanka me my sister and my cousins all get together make a play or a stunt /race for the Adults. It is very fun.🤴🏾🕵🏾‍♂️👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

    Regards Tirath.

    • I’m glad you liked it, Tirath. It sounds like the story reminded you of the play/stunts you all do for the adults when you go to Sri-Lanka. What a great idea. My children always acted out plays for us, too. I loved watching their ideas…Making up plays can be such fuuuuuuuuun!!!! Alys 😁😊😃😄😉

  8. I think it was a great story.From this story I learnt that it’s not good to defend yourself in a bad way when someone is being mean to you.Nice story!👌💖

    • Thank you Rianne. I learned the same thing when I was little. You never know the full story. Although that doesn’t mean it’s OK if someone is being mean to you!! Nice comments. Alys 😊

  9. Hi 👋 Alys,
    I love 💗 Bridget’s Play !!! My brother Caleb Varley already commented on this book and I agree with him !!!!! I felt sad for both Bridget and Jasmine!!!!! Rosie is probably the nicest person ever !!!!! I love chocolate brownies!!! I would hate for my grandma to be sick 🤢!!!!! I think you are soooooo creative and incredible!!!!!! Love your stories!!!! I wonder what one I will read next time !!!!!
    Bye 👋
    – Clara ❤️🦄

    • Hi Clara. Thank you for such wonderful comments. I’m really pleased that you like my stories. I enjoyed writing Bridgett’s play because something similar happened to me when I was little. It’s so important to know the whole story before you judge the people involved!!!!! I can’t wait to hear your next comments. 😃😁🌟🌼🌹 Alys

  10. Hi Alys

    I choice this story because I wanted to see how she played and it was interesting so more people should read it.

      • Hi Alys,
        I met you in the Parks Library on last Monday. I like to share my poem wrote about summer.

        Ha Ha Summer
        Christmas in Summer
        Sand castles in
        Hot hot Summer

        White hat on head in summer
        White shirt and short in summer
        my bat is ready for the summer
        cricket cricket cricket in summer

        thank You.

        • Hi Dinidu. Your poem is amazingly, fantabulous!!! I love it. I guess you like the colour white because you like cricket. I like cricket, too. And beaches and swimming and building dams to stop the water… Alys ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾🏆🏆🏆

  11. Hi Alys,
    It was an amazing story with a happy ending. I felt relieved to know her grandmother was feeling better. Some times these kind of incidents happen in life but we should not assume things and we should sort out the things by talking to each other. This is what I have learnt from your story. A well written story 👍🏻.

    • Thank you, Ishrit. I agree that it’s so important not to make assumptions. It is also important to remember that when people are unkind or say thoughtless things it can sometimes be because of what’s happening in THEIR lives and not about YOU at all. Oh my goodness, people can be confusing, can’t they?!! Alys

  12. This story made me feel good because in the end they worked things out and Jasmine got to be the taxi.
    I liked this story because it was like I was watching a play and I could see the characters. You described what the characters were doing really well.

    • Great comments, Emme. I like the way you felt you could see the characters. I really love watching plays and going to the theatre, too. Alys 😃

  13. Hi Alys 👋
    I loooved this book!!! But it made feel a bit sad when Bridgett bossed Jasmine around and I thought it was funny when Bridgett said ‘Or are you planning to run me over in the next take?’ 😂
    ps I don’t have my own email address so I’m just using my Grammy’s.

    • Thank you for the comments Caleb and I’m really glad you got my silly joke 😆😉 Loved all the emojis too. Alys

  14. Hi Alys
    I really enjoy that story because I am happy to hear that Bridgett is nice now and Jasmine is happier with Rosie .

    • Thank you for your comments Thinara. It’s great to know that you enjoyed the story. It was a lot of fun to write 🙂 Alys

  15. Hi Alys
    I loved this story and I love it because it can happen in real life to some people and because it was sad
    story at the start and a very happy story at the end. one question. Did this happen to you when you
    were little?

    • Hi Tiaana, you make some really thoughtful and interesting comments. Yes, something similar happened to me when I was at primary school. I stood up for my friend when she was bullied but everyone quickly told me that I didn’t understand the full situation. I never found out what they meant which is why I wrote the story. I was kind of exploring what might have been going on. 🙂 Alys

  16. Hi Aly

    I really liked your story. It made me feel a bit sad because Bridgett was being bossy to Jasmine when they were rehearsing for the play. It wasn’t ok that Bridgett did not tell Jasmine about her Grandma but it was also not nice that Jasmine had the idea about the sick grandma and that she was going to die. I was happy about the end of the story where everything was happy and Bridgett decided to take on other ideas.

    • Some great comments Tehya. Relationships with friends are complicated, aren’t they? It’s very easy to misunderstand each other. I am glad you enjoyed the ending 🙂 Alys

  17. For this story it made me feel happy for when they found out that the grandmother was okay in the end. Also confused of why did Jasmine have to act that way to Bridgett. I think this story was great.

    • Hi Emily, I’m pleased that you enjoyed the story and it’s great that you felt Jasmine shouldn’t have behaved the way she did. It’s difficult sometimes to make the right choices. Quite often we don’t know the full story until the very end. Good comments! Alys 🙂

    • Wow, thank you Diaan, that’s a lovely comment 🙂 Bye Alys PS: I’m so glad you enjoyed the story.

  18. Hi Alys
    I honestly love this story. Very descriptive and exciting! My favourite part was when Bridgett came back the next morning. I liked how you described that. “When Bridgett arrived at school the following morning, she was grinning like an idiot.”


    • Yes, I enjoyed writing this story so it’s nice to know that you liked it. One of the best things about writing is coming up with fun ideas and descriptions. Great comments Tharusha 🙂

  19. Hi Alys
    I found this story really sad because Bridgett’s Grandma was ill and she didn’t know but luckily she got better.
    I felt like maybe Jasmine was being a bit to much bossy. I like how the ending is beautiful way to end the story.
    if you were to hand this up I would give you an A+

    Regards Yenuli

    • Thank you Yenuli. It’s lovely to hear your thoughts on my story and I’m thrilled that you would give me an A+!! 🙂 Bye Alys

    • Thank you Deakin – I think it’s very important that people try to fix problems, don’t you? Bye Alys 🙂

    • Hi Fleur. I agree that it’s good that Bridgett’s nan got better. There’s nothing worse than a story with a horrible, sad ending!! And thank you for your comments 🙂 Bye Alys

  20. I felt bad about jasmine at the begining. And i was bit confuse with names at the begining. But later i learnt you should not judge people without knowing their story. Thanks for the story Alys.

    • Hi Yehanya. Thank you for your comments and I’m pleased you took something meaningful from the story. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s differing opinions about what the story teaches us. Bye Alys 🙂

  21. I think that bridget was too bossy until the end and this story is good because it is important to be kind and become good friends. And i learnt not to judge people without knowing their story. Thanks for the story.

    • Good comments Yehanya. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about people without understanding their full story, or what motivates them. Patience, tolerance and empathy. The three virtues that help us to become truly good people, don’t you think? 🙂 That and chocolate…Bye Alys

  22. i am so interested on this i read it manytime. Even y little brother listen it to many time. We both love it. Good for a drama and must discuss with mt friends.

    • Hello again Dinethri. I’m very glad that you enjoyed the story enough to read it more than once. And I hope that you managed to discuss it with your friends 🙂 Bye again Alys

  23. This story was very entertaining and fun to read. It also had a lot of foreshadowing and I liked how everything unfolded and we were able to find out more and more why Bridgett was so worked up. You should definitely write more stories like this in the future

    • Hi Chomilka, I’m so sorry this reply is late – everyone in my house has been sick. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and what amazing comments you make. You sound like you understand writing very well!! And I will definitely take your advice and try to write more stories like Bridgett’s PLay.

  24. This story was amazing and enjoyable! It had many layers to the plot and kept it interesting all the way. I hope to read more stories like this in the future.

    • Hi Thenumi, I’m glad you liked Bridgett’s Play. I enjoy writing stories with multiple, complicated layers – it’s fun to keep the reader guessing what’s coming next. 🙂 Bye Alys

  25. I really like this story and I bet that it will be a popular one like Harry Potter and I cant believe how you write these amazing stories! I pretty much cannot write a good story. Whenever there is a new girl in our class, I always become their best friend even though I already have a best. Your story made me feel sad when Bridget was absent for school and that Jasmine was rude. I felt like I was jasmine! It is pretty boring when you are just the taxi driver in a play but it is still good to be in it. I would of liked it if Jasmine and Bridget became friends.

    Thisali 😎😋👌👍👏😜👌👌👌👌👌

    • Wow Thisali, what amazing comments!! I’m so sorry this reply is late. I was away. I’m glad you enjoyed Bridgett’s play and I’m sure you’d be able to write wonderful stories if you wanted to. When I was at school I thought I was hopeless at English. Just keep trying!! And I think that Jasmine and Bridgett do become friends later on – at least that is how I imagine it 🙂 Love all the emojis!!!! 🙂 🙂 Bye Alys

  26. Alys Jackson this is an amazing story it is definitely my style thus is a book you should be proud of.

    • Hi Kiana, thank you for your lovely comments, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the story. Bye Alys 🙂

  27. I really liked this story because its my type and suites my age level. I am also glad to know that her grandma was okay in the end.

    • Hi Raeeba, thank you for your comments. As a writer it is always good to know that the stories suit the reader. Bye Alys 🙂

  28. I really liked the story as much as i liked the poems. I like the stories you make… your a great story maker. thanks

    • Hi Tawsida, thank you for your comments. I am glad you like my stories as much as my poetry. Bye, Alys 🙂

    • Hi again Camila, thank you for such a lovely comment. I’m so pleased that you enjoy reading. Bye Alys

    • Hi Paige, I hope that you enjoy it and thank you for the THUMBS UP and for reading Bridgett’s play. 🙂 Bye Alys

    • Hi Paige, I’m really pleased that you enjoyed Bridgett’s Play. I’m glad that you’d like to read more. 🙂 Bye Alys

  29. I liked this story because it was interesting to read because I like drama stories that have a little humour and some kind of argument in the middle and offcourse the happy ending. I liked that they were rehearsing a play but arguing. It was funny how they said that they wanted more Drama in it like crashing into someone. It was good that all friends got together again in the end.

    Thank you!
    Ella 🙂

    • Hi Ella, thank you for your comments. I think you make some very good points. I also like dramatic stories with a little humour! Bye Alys

  30. I liked this story, it was interesting. Im glad that Bridgette’s grandma was ok in the end because i like happy endings to stories. This story made me feel a little worried when i found out that Bridgette’s grandma was sick but then i felt relieved to find out that she was ok.
    This story also made me feel happy because all the girls got along in the end.
    Thank you

    • Hi Leah, thank you for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the ending to Bridgett’s Play – I also like happy endings to stories. Bye Alys

  31. Hi my name is Ella. I thought the story was really cool since something similar happened to you in school. The story was really exciting and dramatic when the cool and amazing girls made a play together as a team.

    • Hi Ella, thank you for your comments. I’m glad you liked the story. It is always more exciting when you know that a story is based on true events, don’t you think? Thank you, Alys

  32. Hi, I really liked the story. it made me think about how some people act different and you don’t know why. It could be because they have a sick grandmother, so you shouldn’t really judge them. I think Jasmine should have told Bridgette how she was making her feel, then she wouldn’t have been mean to Bridgette near the end of the story. thanks for writing this story. Bye Maddison

    • Hi again Maddison, what a great comment you make. I wrote this story because something similar happened to me at primary school. It was only later that I found out that the ‘bully’ was having problems at home. I agree that people need to open up/talk more. Bye Alys

  33. Bridgett’s play

    the story made me feel bad for jasmine and then sorry for Bridgett when you new the whole story .

    What I liked about the story was that they sorted out their problems and her grandmother was OK .

    What I would add in was that they spoke to each other more and Jasmine knew her grandmother was sick .
    My different ending that I would add in is Jasmine said sorry and got a new part in the play . 🙂

    • Hi Indiana, thank you for your comments. I was interested to read your thoughts, and I think you have some very good ideas! I especially liked your idea for a different ending. All the best, Alys

  34. This was a story I actually wanted to read because it was my type.I was very interested in it and I think heaps of people should read it.

    • Hi Abbey. I think what you say is very interesting and I will try to write more stories like this one. I’m very glad you liked it.

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