Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

Bobby and the Genie

On holiday in Cairo in a crumbling souk of old,

Little Bobby Mumbles found an ancient lamp of gold.



With a breathy gasp of wonder, Bobby rubbed the dusty side,

Unleashing Ali Baba who had long been trapped inside.



The genie stared at Bobby who then blinked back in surprise,

Spluttered out a greeting, swallowed twice and rubbed his eyes.


‘Three wishes have I got for you,’ the genie coughed and wheezed.

‘Three wishes?’ mumbled Bobby with a frown as genie sneezed.



‘You’ll have to speak more clearly.’ Genie pointed to one ear.

‘It’s dusty in a magic lamp, and I can hardly hear.’


‘My first wish is for money, please.’ The genie said, ‘Alright.’

‘My second is for extra eyes so I have Super Sight.

My third is that I wish to fly.’ The genie gave a nod.

‘Your wishes shall be granted though I think them rather odd!’


‘Your first wish was for honey bees.’ A buzzing filled the night.

Your second was for exercise. A gym is on your right.

Your third wish was the strangest and I’ll never quite know why,

However, if you wish it, Bobby Mumbles you may die!’


8 thoughts on “Bobby and the Genie

  1. Dear Alys,
    I really liked this poem because it made me laugh so much. Did you get the inspiration for this poem from the Genie from Aladdin?
    I found this poem very unique as I would’ve never thought of anyone mistaking extra eyes for exercise. I give this poem a rating of 4.5 stars because I found it sad that Little Bobby Mumbles had to die.

    ~Yenuli Perera

    • Hi Yenuli. Sorry for the very late reply to your lovely comments. And yes, I did think of the genie in Aladdin when I wrote this poem. Thank you for your excellent rating 🙂 I enjoyed writing this one but it was extremely difficult to get the rhymes to work. In the end, it took me many years before I decided to publish this one!!

  2. Hi Alys
    This was a great poem I really loved it it was great .
    I liked the ending to it cause it really ridiculous when Bobby muttered you may die.

    • Thank you Vinuk. This poem took a long time to write and I only finished it a few weeks ago. I’m very glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to write a story-poem that rhymed. This is not as easy as I thought and it took many attempts before I finally got it to work. Alys

  3. I like this poem very much because it reminds me of Aladdin and the wishes that he wishes for. I liked how it rhymed and did amazing pictures.


    • Thank you Ranulaka. Yes, it does remind me of Aladdin, too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our wishes came true? It was great fun writing this poem but difficult getting it to rhyme! Alys

  4. Dear Alys,
    This poem was really really really really really really real- Ok I think you get the idea It was really funny. I really like the way you made the poem about a genie who couldn’t hear. The funny thing was that the boy asked for really cool things but the poor genie got them mixed up with stuff the boy didn’t want.

    Kind regards Tirath

    • He, he! I’m so glad the poem made you laugh, Tirath. It is a very silly story, isn’t it?! I got to thinking about the genie living in a lamp. I don’t know about your house, but mine gets VERY dusty after a while. I did feel a little sorry for Bobby but not enough to change the ending. Alys

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