Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm a poet and writer

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

anthologies and online.

Silly Sally’s Chilli

Silly Sally Sorenson set off into the blue,
to sample every food that’s spicy hot.
Curried eggs and vindaloo, pepper on a pepper stew,
ginger tea and garlic with the lot!

A bowl of red-hot chilli, some mustard piccalilli,
radishes and onion sealed her doom.
She shot off to the loo, to find a lengthy queue and
something deep inside her went off … Boom.

Then, a smile upon her face, Sally shot up into space,
waved a quick farewell and disappeared without a trace!

38 thoughts on “Silly Sally’s Chilli

  1. Silly Sally’s Chilliis a very good poem and I think is very fun.I enjoyed it,so I would love to see a lot more poems like that in the future.

    • Hi Abbey. I’m glad you thought the poem was fun. I had lots of fun writing it and will certainly write more in the future!

  2. Hi Alys, that was funny because if i ate hot food i would have a very sore mouth after and i think my mouth would go boom haha
    Thank you
    From Leah

    • Hi Leah, I think I would also have a very sore mouth if I ate so much hot food, although I do love chilli. Bye Alys

  3. Hi I’m Ella and I really enjoyed the chili poem it was very creative and funny. I hope to read more poems like this in the future.

    • Hi Ella, I’m so glad you liked the chilli poem. I will try to write more poems soon. Bye Alys

  4. hi Alys ,
    I really liked the poem, nearly as much as I like Chillis, it was very funny. thanks Maddison

  5. Some of the lines were tongue twisters. It was funny and I liked when she went boom in the loo! I really like this short poems.

    • Hi Jack, I’m happy that you liked this poem and great work spotting the tongue twisters! Thank you for the comments. Bye Alys

    • Hi Emma, I’m amazed that your sister made chilli for your dad – I hope it wasn’t too hot!! Thank you for your comments. Bye Alys

  6. I also loved your poem especially this one because it reminds me when my mum ate a lot of hot food and she made me eat it as well…???

    • Hi again Tawsida, I hope that you didn’t have the same reaction to the hot food you and your mum ate??! Bye Alys

  7. Hi Alys,
    I like Silly Sally’s Chilli poem because the way you describe the food reminds me of when my mum takes me to Bali for holidays and all the spicy food we eat there. It makes me happy because I love my holidays to Bali.

    • Hi Imogen, It’s nice to know that the poem reminds you of your holidays! I have never been to Bali but I do love spicy food, especially curry. Bye, Alys 🙂

  8. Hi Alys

    A few weeks ago my dad told my to try a Jalapeno and chilli mix. My sisters also tried them and they had to get a drink of water but i didn’t.

    I love your poems and stories. 🙂

    • Hi Emma, thank you for reading my poems and I’m very impressed that you didn’t need to drink water after eating a jalapeno and chilli mix!! Amazing. Bye Alys 🙂

  9. Hi Alys I really loved your poetry it was really interesting I think you should do some more like this

    • Hi Natalee, thank you for your lovely comment. I will try to write some new poems soon. Bye Alys 🙂

  10. Hello Alys,
    I really liked your poem it was very funny and as soon as I read the first word I started to smile!!!!😋😋😋😃😃

  11. Hello Alys,
    I think your poems are very good so keep writing and don’t give up 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  12. Hey Alys Jackson loved your poem silly Sally’s chilli it reminds me of when I eat chilli’s when we have them there to hot for me though because I love them !yum! My favourite part about the poem is how it all fits together from Jacinta ❤️👍😀🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶❤️👍😀

    • Hi Jacinta. I’m glad you love chilli. I do too. Although I did once have a Thai chilli that was way toooooo hot! 🙂 Bye Alys

  13. Hey Alys, I loved your poem and it made me smile. It had me feel happy and fuzzy on the inside.I thought about it for a while and it made me think about how my Dad likes to eat spicy food and once I got pepper in my eye when we went out for diiner with friends and family for a special occasion. From Lexi

    • Hi Lexi. Wow, isn’t it amazing what poetry and stories make us remember and think about. How did you get pepper in your eye???? Hmmmm? Bye Alys

  14. I an from Sri Lanka and looks like this poem is written for me because i love to eat hot and spicy food soo much.

    • I don’t know much about Sri Lanka although I do have friends from Sri Lanka and they make very spicy curries. I also love spicy food and grow chillies in my back garden. Bye Alys

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