Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm a poet and writer

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

anthologies and online.

No More Maths!

I’m sorry Sir I cannot do it

cannot study maths today.

No, not now and no not never,

and not because I isn’t clever.

I’s a genius – that I know

because my granny told me so.

It’s just I have an allergy

to numbers 4 and 6 and 3.

Just to hear them brings on swelling,

achy knees and lots of yelling.

True Sir, cross my heart and die

especially if I multiply!

That’s the worst.


I cannot do arithmetic,

I promise Sir I’ll be sore sick.

Plus and minus – doing sums

puts purple pimples on both thumbs,

my hair will sneeze, my eyes turn red

and both my ears drop off my head.


I cannot do it. Not today

So can I go outside and play?










































12 thoughts on “No More Maths!

    • Hi again Emma, I’m glad that you thought the poem was funny and I hope that you enjoy maths at school. Bye Alys

  1. This poem is a great excuse for not doing maths, even though i love maths.
    And the poem has great rhyming words.

    • Hi Tawsida, I’m not sure your teachers will be pleased that my poem is giving you an excuse not to do maths :). Thank you for saying that the poem has great rhyming words. Bye, Alys

  2. I realy liked that poem👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    So what inspired you to write that poem???
    I wish that all that stuff happened if i had to go to school so then i could do what ever i pleased😭😭😭IF ONLY😲
    Love Paige💟💟💟💜💜💜❤❤❤💗💗💗😎😎😎😍😍😍😉😉😉

    • Hi Paige, thank you for some great comments, and I love all the emoji’s 🙂 :). I wrote that poem because I DO NOT LIKE maths! I hope that you enjoy it more … Bye, Alys

    • Hi Camila. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!? I don’t think your teacher would believe it though 🙂 Bye Alys

  3. My name is Rosalie I’m from Elizabeth North Primary school . My age is 8 1/2 and I’m doing childrens university. I read your poem “No more maths”. I liked your poem because it was funny and really good to read. I hope you have a good day.

    • Hi Rosalie. Thank you for your lovely comments and I am really happy that you enjoyed my poem 🙂 I am very sorry that my message is so late!! I hope you have a good day, too! Bye, Alys

  4. Hi Alys,
    I liked your poem as I liked the rhyming words. I don’t like maths.

    • Hi Hunter, thank you for reading ‘No More Maths’ and I’m very happy that you like rhyming words. Bye Alys

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