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based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Camel’s Got My Granny!

Camel got the hump when my granny climbed on top,
gurgled, frothed and camel burped… Non-stop!
She’d kicked him as she mounted. Accidentally.
Apologised politely, but still he spat at me.

Then they lurched to standing, and I thought they’d surely go.
Instead, he lifted up his tail: A present dropped below.
Granny just smiled sweetly, and prodded with her brolly.
(I have to say that Granny is well known for acts of folly!)

With a wicked twinkle and her wrinkles all aglow,
Granny took off faster than a racehorse at the show.
The last I saw of Granny they were tearing round the bend
with distant cries of “Yee Haa!”
Granny clinging to his end.

50 thoughts on “Camel’s Got My Granny!

  1. I really liked this!!When I read this I put it in part of the tune of Waltzing Matilda. My favorite part was when the camel spat on whoever the main character was. Thanks!! Jameson. P.S. Check the poem baby wont stop crying and also your short story Momo and me.

    • Hi Jameson, I’m glad you liked it – I will try reading to the tune of Waltzing Matilda to see how it sounds. Thank you Alys

  2. Haha that was funny 😄 i liked the bit when the camel lifts up his tail and a present dropped below.
    I would like to see my grandma on a camel that would also be really funny.
    Thank you
    Leah 😁

    • Hi Heather, I’m glad you liked the poem but I’m not so sure your grandma would like getting on a camel? 🙂 Thank you Alys

  3. hi my name is mia I am 7 years old and i liked the poem because it was funny how a granny climbed the camel and when the camel spat it was a funny poem.

    • Hi Mia, I’m happy that you liked the poem and thank you for your comments. I think it would be very funny to see granny climb onto a camel, don’t you? Bye Alys 🙂

  4. hi Alys ,
    my name is Maddison this poem reminds me of when I rode a camel for the first time I was so scared.

    • Hi Maddison, I am impressed that you have ridden on a camel, and hope that next time you won’t be scared. Thank you for your comments. Bye Alys

  5. Camels are a very funny animal and it isn’t very nice when they spot at you.Well it has never happened to me but I don’t think it would be very nice.😨

    • Hi again Abbey, I completely agree! I would hate to have a camel spit at me – not vert nice, at all. Alys

  6. I’ve seen a camel and it licked me on the face! They are funny animals especially when they poop if someone is on them! I don’t think my grandma would ride in a camel but I loved the poem and it was hilarious. From Tulara

    • Hi Tulara. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I am very amazed that a camel licked you on the face! I think you should be the one writing the camel poems 🙂 Bye Alys PS: I don’t think my grandma would like riding a camel either.

    • Hello again Jack. I’m not sure your granny would agree 🙂 but thank you for telling me that the poem made you laugh. Bye Alys

  7. Really cool and funny I really loved it! Sounds like Granny knew what she was doing riding a camel 🙂 and what was Granny`s name? Thank you and bye kind regards Finn.

    • Hi Finn, thank you for your comments. Hmm, a very good question. I’m not quite sure about Granny’s name, however, my granny was called Vera. How about that? Bye Alys

    • Hi again Jude. I completely agree with your comment – I think it would hurt a lot!! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I have rod a camel two times and it was really fun.

    I loved that poem it was funny and great 🙂 🙂

    • Hi again Emma, that’s amazing! I have only been on a camel once. Thank you for reading the poem and I’m pleased you thought it was funny. Bye Alys

  9. Ha ha this was super funny 😀
    I have never been on a camel before.
    After reading this poem I would like to ride one 🙂
    Bye Stephanie 😀

    • Hi Stephanie, I hope that you get to ride a camel one day 🙂 and thank you for your comments. I also hope you enjoyed your M&M’s!! Bye Alys

    • Hi Zoe, thank you for your comment. I’m really pleased that you like the poem, and I am amazed that you have been on a camel!! Bye Alys

  10. That must of hurt getting kicked by a camel. Its never happened to me before but it still would of hurt. And getting spat on that must of been gross. And I liked the poem it’s sounds like your granny knows what she’s doing. She sounds interesting.

    • Hi Ella, I’m glad to hear that you’ve never been kicked by a camel and I agree that it would hurt! I can’t even imagine what it must feel like if a camel spits on you!! And thank you for saying you liked my poem. Bye Alys. PS: my granny was indeed very interesting 🙂

  11. This is funny because it reminds me of the time mum and dad rode a camel. It went up back then front and mum and dad almost fell off. 🙂

    • Yes, the title is as silly as the poem! I can’t believe how many poems you have read, Natalee. 🙂 Bye Alys

  12. Hi Aiys, I do not know much about camels and this poem help me to read about camels and their visible identity hump. Thankyou so much

    • Hi again. I’m glad you learned something about camels. They are very interesting animals!! 🙂 Bye Alys

  13. Hi Alys, again im amazed at this poem and it did make me laugh by imagining my grandmother on a camel. I also loved the way you used ‘A present dropped below’ Haahha

    • Hi again thenumi. Your comment made me laugh. It’s lovely to know that you enjoyed my very silly poem 🙂 Bye Alys

  14. Dear Alys,
    Now you know who I am.
    Well…. anyway this poem reminded me of when I went to the Royal Adelaide show and when I saw the horses and wanted to ride them, my parents said …”NO”. I thought instead of Grandma, saying “yee ha” she could have just got so so sooo dizzy that she fell of the camel.

    • Hi Tirath. Thank you for your comments. When I was little I tried to ride a horse but it just wouldn’t move. I was so disappointed. Now it makes me laugh to think about it. Poor Grandma!! You think she should fall off the camel? Hmmm. I like it 🙂 Bye Alys

  15. Hi Alys
    I found your poem really funny .
    This reminded me of the time when I went to the Christmas pageant and the time came for the camels to come and one was eating and it looked at me. I found this poem so good so not have to change it a single bit.


    • Hi Yenuli. Great comments and I love your story about the pageant and the camel. Glad yo found the poem funny. Bye Alys

    • Great question Mayumdi. Since I like stories to have happy endings, I think that she eventually became great friends with the camel and they enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together 🙂 But then again….

    • Me too except I found it very uncomfortable – I went on a trek through the desert in India. I wonder where you went? Bye Alys

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