Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

My Crazy Cat

My mother bought a Persian blue,

a cat of regal bearing

who got her foot caught in our flue.

It needed sore repairing.

To take poor pussy to the vet

I have a little case,

but she’s a shrewd and clear-eyed pet

who led me on a chase.

Down the hall,

a caterwaul.

Under the bed,

I bump my head.

Across the lap

of Mrs Map.

By the sink

she steals a drink.

In the dunny,

Very funny!’

(Mr Ware

Is sitting there).

Along the floor,

out the door.

Up the tree.

Ditto me.








Oh, by the way, the poor cat’s fine.

Her foot was no disaster.

I cannot say the same for mine,

which is encased in plaster.


30 thoughts on “My Crazy Cat

  1. Hi Alys,
    I like how you had those lines near the nd and middle of the poem that were just one word because those made the poem sound so fun because you were swapping from one word to another quickly.

    • Hi Nuwin. I’m glad you liked that part of the poem. I did that deliberately to try and make the reader feel that things were moving quickly! It’s nice to know it worked! Alys

  2. I chose this poem because I lovecats. My mum had to help me understand some of the words, but once I knew them I really liked the poem. I had to think hard to read the poem but it was clever and I liked the twist at the end and how.

    • Great comments, Luca. I’m pleased to hear that you asked for help in learning new words. I loved learning new words when I was young. It felt like I was gathering small secrets. Writing a poem about a crazy cat was lots of fun!! 🐱😹😼 Alys

  3. Hi Alys,

    I liked the description of the cat and it was a very funny poem. It seemed like the cat had a great adventure throughout the chase and it also seemed like you had a lot of fun writing this poem.

    A Great Poem!

    • Yes, I really enjoyed writing this poem, Ranulaka. It was fun trying to come up with crazy situations that rhymed. A chase seemed like the best way to go. I did originally start writing a poem about a zombie cat!! I have no idea why. Alys 😊

  4. Hi Alys,

    This poem was very enjoyable and was very fun to read out loud. The adventure to chase a small little cat has been made a very fun one through the way you have described the situation. Overall, this poem was very well written with the rhyming, description and action of the poem.

    Great Work!

    • Lovely to hear your comments, Chomilka. I always like writing poems about animals and especially a poem about a cat. Cats can be so funny to watch. My cat always loves to race around in the evenings although he sleeps a lot, too. Alys 😊🐱🐱🐱🐯

  5. I love your rhymes, they’re very catchy. I found it very interesting because of the descriptive words you used. I could imagine it in my head very easily as I read the poem which told a good story. I think the ending was funny because she was trying to help the cats foot but she broke her foot instead.

    • Some great comments there, Eliana. Rhymes are very catchy and I certainly had lots of fun working them out in this poem. I’m glad you got the ending. Thankfully, completely fictional. My cat is usually quite gentle and doesn’t run fast!! Alys 🐱😺

  6. It was a very nice poem, it made me giggle and it rhymes. I like poems that rhyme it is all awesome!!!!!

    • I like it that the poem made you giggle, Connor. Coming up with the rhymes was such fun. Alys 🐱😺

  7. Hey alys how you explained about your cat if it’s yours😊 what does your cat look like?
    I really want one ever since I went to Narnu farm for camp.There was a old cat called Kit kat

    • My cat is quite large and very, very soft and fluffy, Yehanya. His name is Leo and he’s a Ragdoll cat, although he thinks he’s a person. Kit Kat is a great name for a cat, by the way! It must have been a friendly cat for you to like it so much. Alys 🐱🐱😺😺

  8. Dear Alys
    That poem had a lot action! Where did you have a idea of the poem? Also the poem was funny.

    • Hi again, Thinara. I got the idea from watching my very crazy cat racing around the house. He hates going to the vet!! Alys 🐱😼🙀😾

  9. dear alys,
    I love this poem because of the drama that happens. I love drama😂😂😂 don’t you? my favorite type of cat is a maine coon. I like dogs more than cats.

    kind regards Tirath.

    • Hi Tirath. I just looked up Maine Coon cats on Google. I had no idea they were so pretty!! I can see why you like them. 😊 Dogs are so cute, too, of course. When I was little we had a sheepdog which was very smart and gorgeous. Alys

  10. ha,ha,ha that is perfect especially because my little sister chases my 2 chocolate Burmese around all day and hurts herself every time!!! you have such great stories and poems and this one definitely made me laugh!

    • I do love cats, Madeline, but my ragdoll (Leo) can be so mischievous!! Not quite as bad as the crazy cat in my poem but…..I’m glad you enjoyed it! Alys 🐱😼😺😼

    • Hi again Nuwin. Having a pet is wonderful but taking a cat to the vet is DIFFICULT!!! This is why I wrote this poem. I’m so pleased you liked it. Alys 🐱🐯

  11. hi Alys.
    I really liked this poem. it reminded me how hard it
    was to take my dog to the vet back in Sri Lanka. And
    it had so many rhymes that were funny.

    • Oh my goodness, Tiaana. It can be so hard taking pets to the vet. I hope that your dog was OK!! Glad you thought the rhymes were funny 😄 Alys

  12. Hi Alys,
    It was an interesting poem. I liked the rhyming words you have used in it. I don’t have any pets but I can now imagine how hard it can be for them to look after their pets.

    • Hi again, Ishrit. I have a pet cat called Leo but he definitely isn’t as crazy as the cat in my poem. Although he can be very, very silly. And yes, it is sometimes difficult to look after him. Alys 😄

  13. Hi Alys,
    I loved this poem it made me laugh that cat is defiantly a crazy cat. It would be terrible if it was true. Where did you get the idea of this poem from? I haven’t got a pet but have you got a pet.

    • It is definitely very crazy! The cat, not the poem 😁. I do have a pet, a ragdoll cat called Leo. He can be very silly sometimes. He loves ambushing me and leaping off the furniture. I think that’s where I got the idea from…😹😼😽 Alys

  14. Hi Alys
    I really liked this poem because it made me laugh!!!!
    It reminded me of what owners go through to take their pets to the vet.
    I love your poems as they are really funny and interesting.
    I would this poem an A+ because of the amount of description you put in.
    Another thing I like about your poems is that you always don’t always give always the ending.

    • I’m so glad this poem made you laugh, Yenuli. It is a very silly poem and thankfully isn’t a true story 😄 I am also very happy you would give me an A+!! I will try to write some more funny poems soon. Alys

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