Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

Alys Jackson: Barr Smith Library Event

Alys Jackson: Barr Smith Library Reading Hour

Alys Jackson: Barr Smith Library Reading Hour.

Visit the Barr Smith Library and hear local author, Alys Jackson, speak about her personal relationship with books and the power of stories to influence our decisions and who we become.

The University of Adelaide Library, in collaboration with Student Life, is hosting a FREE event for Australian Reading Hour in 2019.

Alys will be reading from her own works, as well as those of authors who have inspired her.

Afterwards, we hope you will take the time to get some reading done in the library’s Recreational Reading Collection area – grab a book and settle into one of our comfy chairs! Morning tea will be provided.

Please RSVP by Monday 16 September.


What is Australian Reading Hour?

On Thursday September 19 2019, stop what you’re doing for one hour and pick up a book. We want Australians to either rediscover or introduce themselves to the benefits of reading. Take the time to learn, escape and relax.

In children, reading has been shown to help with identity formation, setting them up for success in the future. In adults, reading has been shown to reduce stress by 68% more than listening to music, going for a walk, or having a cup of tea.


WHEN: September 19th, 2019

WHERE: Level One, Recreational Reading Collection

Barr Smith Library LOT 1207, North Terrace, Adelaide.

Hi everyone,

For those of you who’d like to become more involved in Australian Reading Hour, there are lots of opportunities.

If you go to the Australian Reading Hour website, they even have a link to where you can plan and advertise your own event. There are dozens of events all around Australia, not just mine.

Alternatively, you could accept their reading challenge. Just sign up and set your own goals. Click HERE


  • reading strengthens the brain because the brain is a muscle. It decreases mental decline in the elderly by 32%.
  • reading has been proven to reduce stress by 68% (unless I’m reading Stephen King).
  • books expose children to 50% more words than television.
  • reading develops empathy and creativity.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th.


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Alys Jackson: Barr Smith Library Event

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