Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

anthologies and online.

rosalie's swing

Rosalie’s Swing

Rosalie’s swing is

worn and rusted

with paint all peeling,

and both bars busted.

Old and forgotten,

its seats too rotten

to swing in,

swing in,




the swing

live snails

and a slug

and a red-bellied bug

in a home so snug


Rosalie’s swing

all worn and rusted

with paint all peeling

and both legs busted,

old and rotten,

is NOT forgotten,

though better not to

swing in,

swing in,


Create a Poetry Picture

Some poems create images that stick inside your mind. In Rosalie’s swing I wanted the reader … YOU … to be able to picture the swing clearly. ‘Old and rusted. Both legs busted.’  But some poems take this to a whole new level. These are called CONCRETE POEMS or SHAPE POEMS. 

Concrete Poetry is a fancy term that describes poems that are also WORD PICTURES. They take many different forms. Here’s one I wrote to show you what I mean.

This poem describes a bubble AND it’s the same shape as a bubble. Cool, huh. In this example, the words form an outline around the outside of the object. 



In the second example, I’ve created a solid word shape. Can you guess the special day this poem is describing?






So, now it’s your turn. First, you’ll need to decide on a topic and an object. Second, draw a light outline of your chosen object.  TIP: It’s a good idea to draw in pencil so you can erase the shape when you’ve finished.

Now it’s time to write your poem. It doesn’t need to rhyme but it does need to fit inside your shape OR around the outside of your shape. This might take some practice. 😵😵😵! TIP: You can change the SIZE of your writing to help make it fit. 

Don’t forget to upload your CONCRETE POEM onto the Children’s University website for a 1 hour stamp in your Passport.



8 thoughts on “Rosalie’s Swing

  1. Dear Alys,
    Great job in this poem. This poem was really realistic and I liked the way you put a few words on each row. Why did you do that in the first place.

    P.s Did you know that my friends sisters name is Rosalie.

    Kind regards Tirath.

    • Hi Tirath. I wrote the poem so that it looked like and sounded like a swing. That’s why I put only a few words on each row. It makes the reader take a breath and pause. I was hoping this would feel a little like swinging. I hope this makes sense Alys

  2. Dear Alys,

    I liked the very Poem very much and I liked how you wrote a few words for each row so you could make it more easier.

    Good job


  3. Hi Alys ,
    I really enjoyed that poem !!!!!
    I really like the alteration used in the poem. It also had some rhyming . I love how you used
    all these kinds of techniques in this poem.Where did you get the name Rosalie? It is a really
    beautiful name!
    from Thinara

    • Hi Thinara. I met a girl called Rosalie at one of my workshops and she asked me to write a poem for her. And so I did. I’m glad you liked the techniques I use. It’s fun to try out different styles of poetry and language styles. Great comments, by the way!! Alys

  4. There is a great sense of rhythm throughout this poem and it really enforces the quote ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ It shows that even though Rosalie’s swing is no longer used by her, the bugs underneath it use it as a place they value, their home. I felt that this poem was quite meaningful and that it has many layers beneath the surface. It is definitely a poem to reread until it’s true meaning is found. This is one of my favourite poems by far. Good job!

    • Hi Chomilka, so sorry this reply is late. I have been running around doing Christmas things!! I love your comments about Rosalie’s Swing – you have picked the perfect quote to explain what I was trying to convey. Even trash has value and can become a home to small creatures. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will try to write a couple more soon. Alys 😊😊

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