Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm a poet and writer

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

anthologies and online.

I’m Starving!

Take away all of those long beans
throw away broccoli too.
I’m quite unable to like greens
ditto for anything blue!

Eggplant and Aubergine, no, no!
Roasted nor boiled nor fried.
Veggies of all kinds can, go, go
and any food I haven’t tried!

Nothing that’s fruity or cheesy,
no soup, no pasta, no rice.
Stewing and baking can’t please me,
eggy things really aren’t nice.

Forget about anything meaty,
seafood if it’s from the sea

and better not give me a lolly!
-Sugar’s not healthy you see!

Never present me with curry,
cornbread, rye, barley or wheat,
but Mother I’d like you to hurry
I’m starving and I want to eat!

18 thoughts on “I’m Starving!

  1. I liked this poem as it talks about fussy eaters., just like my sister. Always hungry but never wants to eat what mum cooks, unless its chicken nuggets and chips. Bye Maddison

    • Hi Maddison, I also know some very fussy eaters! In fact, when my cousin went on holiday he packed marmalade sandwiches inside his suitcase so he didn’t need to eat anything else. True! Alys

  2. Well im not that fussy but i dont really like long beans. I wonder what his mum would actually make for him?? He really doesnt like much!
    These poems are fun though.
    Thank you
    Leah 😁

    • Hi Leah, thank you for your comments. I’m glad to hear that you’re not a fussy eater 🙂 and that you liked the poems. Bye Alys

    • Hi Abbey, I’m pleased to hear that you are creative and I’m sure you will be able to write amazing things. Just never give up!! 🙂 Alys

  3. I like this poem because
    it shows how people can be so picky with their food,
    but sometimes you do this if you are in a bad mood
    Sometimes it’s so hard just to choose
    Between all of these different foods

    From Tulara

    • Hi Tulara, I agree that it’s hard to choose food sometimes, and I’m very pleased you liked this poem. I always try to eat food that is healthy but sometimes it is so, so hard! I hope you find it easier. Bye Alys

  4. Hi Alys does the fussy eater in this poem like or eat anything would they just starve? I mean my brother is a fussy eater but not that fussy. 🙂 Kind regards Finn

    • Hi Finn, sorry I took so long to reply. I am not sure what the fussy eater (in my poem) would eat 🙂 And I am so glad your brother isn’t as fussy!!

    • Hi Emma, I think that everyone is a little bit fussy sometimes :). Thank you for your comment. Bye Alys

  5. Hi Alys, that was a great poem does this person never eat or does the person only one type of food? I hope to meet you soon . Camila Paez

    • Hi Camila, I have no idea what this fussy eater would eat. I don’t think there’s much left 🙂 Alys

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