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based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

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Aussie Animals

My sister out from England
said, “Something’s just not right.
Now, all your Aussie creatures,
they either sting or bite.”

“Yes,” I said, “I have a book.
I’ll read it out to you –
for if you’re stung or bitten,
it will tell you what to do.”

centipedes and sharks and snakes,
spiders, ants, mosquitoes,
crocodiles and octopi,
jellyfish and dingoes,

scorpions, ticks and urchins,
wasp, electric ray!
Various fish, some sponges;
I could read this book all day!”

“Oh, and don’t forget the cone shell,
as on the beach you roam!”
I shouted to her shadow
as she caught the next plane home.

Aussie Animals poem by Alys JAckson

38 thoughts on “Aussie Animals

  1. My son Anthony (7yrs) said “I like silly poems too” and he added “she didn’t say sand flies”!
    Fun poem to read.

    • Thank you Anthony. I’m so glad you like silly poems and what a very great point you make. I might have to write a poem especially about those sand flies 🙂

  2. Hi i’m Jack (10yrs) and I think the poem was trying to tell us that Australian animals can seem dangerous to other people that don’t live in Australia. I really enjoyed it because all the words rhymed and it was catchy.

    • Hi Mia. Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the poem. I like animals too, although my sister really did complain when she visited me in Australia (she lives in Scotland). She thinks all Australian animals are very dangerous 🙂 That’s not true, is it? thank you Alys

  3. Hi my names Leah and im 9yrs old. I liked how your poem rhymes and was fun to read. If i could change the ending i would have liked if your sister had changed her mind and now likes our Australian animals.
    Thank you
    Leah 🙂

    • Hi Leah. Thank you for your comments. Next time my sister visits me in Australia (she lives in Scotland) I will show her your comment and let’s see if she changes her mind :). Bye, Alys

  4. Hello Alys,
    I liked your poem on ausie animals it was fun to read. When my auntie came over here from London she came here and stayed in an apartment with my pop. My auntie has a daughter named Eva. I enjoyed reading this!

    Ella 🙂

    • Hi Ella, thank you for your lovely comments. I wonder if your auntie liked our Aussie animals? 🙂 Bye Alys

  5. hi Alys ,
    I have a book like this and I also have cousins in England this reminds me of a lot of things.

    • Hi again Maddison, I also have cousins in England although they have never been to Australia. I’m also very interested to know that you have a book like the poem. Thank you Alys

    • Hi Abbey, another great comment 🙂 A very silly poem, indeed. I wrote it for my sister when she visited me on holiday. Bye Alys

  6. This was a great poem because talks about how Australia has so much wildlife that some people would be scared of. When I lived on Fraser Island the backpackers from England even screamed out in the middle of the night if they saw one little spider! From Tulara

    • Hi again Tulara. Your comments made me laugh. I don’t think my sister would scream if she saw a spider, but I know some people who do 🙂 Bye Alys

  7. This poem was good. It mentioned the bitey, stingy animals that some people are scared of when they come to Australia. But they don’t have to be scared of all of them.

    • Hi Jack, I completely agree that people don’t have to be afraid. Aussie animals are so very beautiful. Except for mosquitoes, maybe? Bye Alys

  8. it was interesting to hear about all those cool animals and on my opinion the ending is the funniest part for some odd reason.keep the good work up!!!!!!!

    PS Aussie animals could also be the title of book SHE reads to her

    • Hi Lali, thank you for your great comments and I will try my best to keep writing 🙂 Bye, Alys. PS I like the book idea, too.

  9. There are so many things in Australia that do sting or bite…. but what about our other beautiful animals like a cute and cuddly koala, or a quite wombat, there’s even our bouncy kangaroo! We also have the lovely Cockatoo and the strong Wedge Tailed eagle. Just some I’m sure would make you sister fall in love with this beautiful country of ours.

    • Hi Ella, you are so right about our Australian animals – there are some beautiful, cute ones as well as the ones that bite. When my sister visited us last year we showed her lots of them, including koalas, kangaroos and the lovely cockatoo. 🙂 Bye Alys

  10. Its true that lots of animals bite or sting but normally they are harmless (if you leave them alone)
    It was a great poem thanks (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

    • Hi Flynn. A very sensible and observant comment. I completely agree. If you leave animals alone they will very rarely hurt you – and usually only if they feel threatened in some way. Thank goodness :). PS: I’m glad you liked the poem. Bye Alys

        • Hi again Flynn, Ok I have added another poem for you to read – if you have time. It is called No More Maths! 🙂 I will try to upload some more soon. Bye Alys

  11. once we on our 2 week holiday in the Simpson Desert & i got sick:( we saw a dingoes sitting in the middle of the road. We also stayed at this place and i was covered in mosquitoe bites.

    • Hi again Emma. I’m sorry you got sick on your holiday but how amazing to see dingoes sitting in the road. Don’t you hate those mosquitoes!!! Bye Alys

    • Hi Emma, thank you for reading Aussie Animals. Yes, I have lived in many countries overseas. My favourites were Japan, India and Peru. Peru had lots of wonderful animals just like Australia! 🙂 Bye Alys

  12. Hi i think that was a great poem i liked how you named all the animals that sting or bite . Great poem
    Camila Paez

    • Hi again Camila, I did try to list as many as I could, but I did forget a couple. Can you think of any others? Bye Alys

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