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25 children's publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

Children’s publishers accepting unsolicited submissions

Not every writer has an agent but then not every publisher requires that you do, and although making unsolicited submissions can be a daunting task, there are many children’s publishers who are quite willing to search through that horribly named ‘slush pile’ we all have heard so much about. Finding out who these publishers are is another matter, but having spent a ‘cheerful’ afternoon searching the web, and being the digital hoarder that I am, I have compiled yet another list. This one is for the children’s fiction writers out there.

What does the list cover?

At present the list covers Australian children’s publishers only, however, I have added a link (at the bottom) to a UK writer who has done exactly the same thing, only with British publishers. After much thought, I also decided to include all the publishers whose websites I checked even those not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

Please let me know if I have missed anything or made mistakes, and I will adjust the list accordingly.

So here it is – with links to websites and some basic submission information. Please refer to individual websites for detailed formatting guidelines and other requirements such as cover letter/synopsis. I realise that the list won’t remain ‘current’ for long, however, I hope it is useful and I will try to keep it updated.

Updated: January 2019

Children’s publishers accepting unsolicited submissions

Affirm Press – Affirm press do accept unsolicited submissions from authors and agents and will consider every genre. They only accept email submissions.

Allen and Unwin –  offer the “Friday Pitch” where writers can send in unsolicited submissions. They publish over 80 new children’s and Young Adult books each year. They don’t take unsolicited picture books, poetry or short stories. Go to their website for links and details.

  • Submissions: They require a 300 word synopsis and the first chapter. 

Berbay Books – don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. ‘Great children’s stories and illustrations have immense power over us: their images and stories stay with us and help shape the way we see the world. Berbay Publishing produces such books.

Big Sky Publishing – support Australian writers and illustrators and are mainly interested in non-fiction and occasionally children’s books. ‘We are accepting children book submissions in the following categories:  early readers, junior fiction, non-fiction books, personal development and chapter books.’ See their website for details and current submission deadlines.

Black Dog Books (A division of Walker Books) – Black Dog Books is an imprint of Walker. I can’t find submissions details.

Blake Publishing/Education – look like they supply schools and teachers with books/resources. They publish Primary Literacy books but are currently NOT accepting children’s books.

Bonnier Publishing Australia – it looks like this publisher is entering or has entered redundancy – 25.1.19

Boolarong Press  – only appear to offer self-publishing services.

Brolly Books – are an independent Australian children’s publisher. They offer self-publishing services.

Celapene Press – publish ‘Short and Twisted’, an anthology of twisted tales (short stories for adults and, occasionally, for children). Check their website for details and submission deadlines. There isn’t an anthology for 2018.

DoctorZed Publishing – authors need to submit an ‘inquiry to submit’ before submitting. I can’t find many details about them.

EK Books – only publish children’s picture books, aimed at children aged 4 – 8 years.

  • Submissions: Email submissions must be accompanied by a 1-2 page written proposal explaining why your book should be published, who the readership is, and how it differs from other similar books. See their website for full details.

Era Publications – they commission books for schools – K-9. They no longer publish picture books. ‘If you think that Era Publications may be suitable for your work and you wish to submit, please do the following:

  • Email a standard CV and tell us about you as a writer and/or teacher
  • Include your email address and a synopsis of your manuscript
  • Do not send valued manuscripts – send copies only as we do not return works unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is supplied
  • Submissions should be addressed to our Senior Editor

Five Mile Press – check their website for submission details and deadlines.

Ford Street Publishing – They are looking for ‘children’s through to young adult fiction‘ only. Check their website for details. They only publish Australian authors and illustrators. Allow 3 months for a response.

  • Submissions: They require hard copy manuscripts to be mailed (not on disc). They advise that replies can take up to 3 months.

Freemantle Press – only publish authors of ‘Western Australian origin or stories with strong WA content‘. They won’t consider fantasy, children’s text books or graphic novels. They are closed between 15th Dec and 1st March. Check their website for details.

  • Submissions: Hardcover only (emails, disc and USB submissions won’t be considered). Manuscripts to be accompanied by a cover letter.

Glimmer Press – is a new publisher based in Adelaide. Keep an eye on their website for submission details. This looks to be an exciting new opportunity.

Hachette Children’s – Hachette Australia is one of Australia’s largest publishers and only accept unsolicited submissions from Australian or New Zealand residents. Check their website for current submission details.

  • Submissions: They require a synopsis, full manuscript, biography and cover letter to be emailed.

Hardie Grant Egmont – check their website for submission windows and details. Hardie Grant Egmont run an annual award – Ampersand Award – for debut Middle Grade and YA novelists.

  • Submissions: They require manuscripts to be emailed as attachments, along with a synopsis and brief biography.

HarperCollins – do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

IAD Press – are publishers/distributors of Indigenous and Torres Strait islanders’ writing and art work. I couldn’t find submission details but it looks like they are OPEN to unsolicited submissions/proposals.

IP Kidz – It looks like you have to pay to be published.

Little Book Press – Little Book Press is the publishing arm of Raising Literacy Australia. They accept submissions from emerging and established writers who are Australian residents. Check out their website for current opportunities.

Little Hare Books (see Hardie Grant Egmont)

Little Pink Dog Books – check their website to see current submission deadlines. At the time of updating this blog, their website advised that submissions are closed until ‘late 2019‘. They are looking for new and emerging Australian authors and illustrators to write books for younger readers, ages 4 – 8 years. They are particularly interested in stories about families, animals, mental health, and dogs.

  • Submissions: they require that submissions be emailed but don’t appear to give any guidelines. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Little Steps Publishing – are partnership publishers so the author pays for production.

Magabala Books – publish books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Collaborations are accepted as long as there is 50% authorship by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person/s – from inception.

  • Submissions: They require manuscripts to be mailed along with a cover letter and author CV/profile.

MidnightSun Publishing – are always accepting unsolicited submissions and say that they respond and read every single one – as long as you include an email address. Submission guidelines changed in late 2018 – they now accept digital submissions.

  • Submissions: They require that the first 20 pages be emailed along with a cover letter. Check their website.

Morris Publishing Australia – check their website for current submission details.

New Frontier – are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts, however, they try to sell you their $60 submission pack, which includes their submissions guidelines.

New Holland Publishers – deal ‘primarily’ with non-fiction books.

  • Submissions: They require a synopsis, cover letter and the first three chapters (or entire manuscript) to be mailed.

Omnibus – (See Scholastic Australia)

One Day Hill – I can’t find any details on submissions. They publish work that addresses aspects of Australian culture that are under threat; in an attempt to preserve them.

Pan Macmillan – Check their website for submission details. They are open to submissions on the first Monday of every month between 10am and 4pm only. Submit the first 50 pages plus a synopsis via their online form. They don’t appear to accept picture books.

Pantera Press – currently welcome unsolicited submissions, however, they don’t publish fiction for children below the age of 12. Check their website for full details and up-to-date deadlines.

  • Submissions: They require a synopsis, biography and full manuscript to be sent via email.

Parsons Publishing – publish religious books. I can’t see if they are open or not.

Penguin Random House Children’s Books – unsolicited picture book submissions from 1st April to 30th Nov 2019; through Kids Pitch. All other children’s book submissions from 1st Feb – 30th Nov 2019. Expect to wait 4 months for a response. If they don’t respond assume they are not interested.

  • Submissions: They require a synopsis, short biography and full manuscript submitted via email to kidspitch.

Peppinot Press – Their website is currently being rebuilt. I’m not sure if they are active.

Random House – See Penguin.

Rhiza Press/Rhiza Edge – are interested in publishing fiction and non-fiction for age 14 and above. They operate two imprints;  Rhiza Edge, for edgy, relatable teen fiction for today’s youth. And Rhiza Connect, for faith-based and inspirational stories, predominantly adult fiction. See their website for current submission deadlines and details.

Scholastic – (includes Scholastic, Koala and Omnibus) They do sometimes accept unsolicited manuscripts so it’s best to check their website for up-to-date details. They are currently accepting Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction – 25.1.19.

Scribble – are an imprint of Scribe Publications. They publish 6 titles a year.

  • Submissions: Email only. They are open during the month of June. Check their website for submission guidelines.

Simon & Schuster Australia – their website advises authors to submit using an agent.

St Paul’s Publications – publish works from various Christian denominations, including books for children.

  • Submissions: Hardcopy only. Post a sample chapter, detailed proposal (see their website) and a covering letter. Include a SAE if you want material returned.

Starfish Bay Publishing – ‘Starfish Bay Children’s Books is an imprint of Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd, which is an independent publishing house located in Adelaide, Australia’. They are looking for children’s picture books for children ages 3-8 years. They are interested in supporting emerging and unpublished authors.

  • Submissions: Email a biography, one sentence summary of the book and a 300 word synopsis. For picture books, submit the full manuscript.

Text Publishing – are ‘broadly interested in publishing fiction and non-fiction, including upper primary and young adult.’ They run the Text Prize for Young Adult’s and Children’s Writing.

  • Submissions: Send them the first 3 chapters and a one-page synopsis by hardcopy. It says they take approximately three months to assess manuscripts.

The Five Mile Press – check their website for current submission details.

University of Queensland Press (UQP) – This is a small press. They don’t usually accept children’s book manuscripts, however, I noticed that they published the ‘Book of the Year winner – for Older Readers’ in the  Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards CBCA.

Wakefield Press – are open to all submissions after being closed for a number of years. See their website for the types of children’s books they publish. They also publish the winner of the Arts South Australia Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award.

Walker Books – accept unsolicited submissions of middle grade and young adult fiction on the first Wednesday of every month (Australian and New Zealand authors). Check their website for submission details.

  • Submissions: Email the first 50 pages of your manuscript and a 1-page cover letter which includes a synopsis. They will contact you within three weeks if they want to see the rest of your manuscript.

Wilkins Farago – are a small, privately-owned publishing house based in Melbourne. They publish a wide range of quality children’s fiction, including picture books and YA. Check their website for submission details.

Windy Hollow Books – are an independent publisher based in Melbourne. They publish high quality, literary books for children.

  • Submissions: They accept hard copy submissions only. Include a SAE if you want your manuscript returned. They don’t have any other guidelines. Expect to wait 2 – 6 months for a reply.

Wombat Books – are looking for middle fiction, early readers and picture books. There is a very informative video on their website that explains the types of manuscripts they are looking for.

  • Submissions: They require a detailed cover letter (see their website) and full manuscript submitted via their online from.

Working Title Press – Working Title Press regrets that it is unable to accept unsolicited fiction or picture book manuscripts and art portfolios until further notice.’ At least it doesn’t say forever.


Thinking of Publishing in the UK?

UK publishers that accept unsolicited submissions – website by Lou Treleaven: updated June 2017.

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Do you know of any other publishers?

Do you know of any websites that might be helpful?

Please let me know. I’d love to hear.

And good luck with your writing.

39 thoughts on “Children’s publishers accepting unsolicited submissions

  1. Hi Alys
    You have obviously worked so hard to get this list together and now you are sharing it with everyone else. You are so self-less and thoughtful. I am sure lots of aspiring writers will benefit from this post, so I hope you get to hear about it. This could be life changing for some people 🙂 Well done.

  2. Thank you Alys for this very helpful list of publishers. I have written a few children’s short stories and it would be such a dream to get them in the hands of young children. They have to be published first of course.

    Many thanks.

    Lesley xxx

  3. Thank you for the work that went into this – very helpful. I have 2 books published via a publisher but I am struggling with the marketing side of things…the 3rd book is halfway through but I need the profit from the 2nd to get it out…

    • Hi Jan, thank you. It’s great to know you found the list useful – marketing is such a struggle. Good luck with your 3rd book.

  4. Hi Alys,
    Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work with this list! I am a firs-time author of a picture book, and really appreciate this list. It’s a fantastic stating point.
    THANK YOU!!!

    • Hi Anna, thank you so much for your enthusiastic comments and the very best of luck with your picture book!

  5. Hi Alys,
    Thank you so much taking your time to compile this list and sharing it. As a first time author and illustrator, I found this list to be very valuable, as I approach unchartered waters. Thank You

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this list. It is incredibly useful and a great starting point to investigate further!

  7. Hi Alys, people like you out there doing so much unselfish work for fellow writers is astonishing. Fabulous site and enough to motivate the most reticent of us to actually do something with the piles of manuscripts we end up giving a home to.

    • Hi Jan. Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback. I started creating the lists because I have always found them so useful and it seemed such a pity not to share. Good luck with the writing!!

  8. Great list, Alys. I see you’re published in The School Magazine and hope those reading this are prompted to check out their submission guidelines too. I look forward to the release of your first picture book.

  9. Thanks so much Alys for your thoughtful gift and list of these publishers. 2 self published books down and doing well, but my new one deserves a greater audience, and its now out there. Merry Christmas and HNY.

    My 2 previous ones if you’re interested?
    Books called ‘The Butterflies, Field of Lies’ through Xilbris in 2014


    & a spiritual healings quote book called ‘Where You Open Is Where You’re At, A Universal Guide To Healing’ through Balboa Press in 2018.


    Good luck everyone with your writing successes
    Much Love, Rod

    • Thank you Rod. I will definitely take a look at your publications and the best of luck with your writing. Happy New Year – Alys

  10. Dear Alys, I am seeking a publisher who provides creative artwork in childrens books. My short stories have inanimate objects that come to life with human characteristics, Some of them introduce scientific processes to the children in creative “fairytale” ways that assists the children when they are at the stage of that learning at school. They have already mentally accepted the process prior to the introduction at school level. I have already published a book (available on Amazon Kindle) “Retail Focus for Success”
    A great many of the childrens books that have artwork are almost copies of each other in style. I am looking for a very creative artist to interpret the writings and am willing to assist in advice of style and design. I have ten stories ready to be printed. Some of them are very short and could be 3 or 4 in one book. Thank you for your assistance.
    Graham J. Bradbury

    • Dear Graham, I’m afraid I’m not quite the right person to be asking – I’m sure there are many great illustrators out there with varying styles and prices. If you are a member of a Facebook writer’s group, you could send out a message asking for an illustrator to contact you through Messenger/email. I have done that with success. I even met up with two local illustrators although the book didn’t go ahead in the end. I am a member of SCBWI too which is a great organisation for Children’s fiction writers – they have many illustrators – so perhaps start there. Otherwise, you might want to contact your local writers association. They may well have illustrators looking for work. Good luck with your project. It sounds wonderful. Alys

      • Dear Alys, Thank you for your reply and advice. I will certainly work on some of the options you have suggested.
        I have also written a book “Retail Focus for Success” which is on Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle should be avoided. They have used all sorts of excuses to avoid paying me for sales even though I agreed to their terms. Some of the buyers of the book have contacted me but Amazon has consistently refused any payment. At one stage they even removed the book from their list to avoid paying me and then, weeks later, relisted it at and increased price. That says something about the culture of the company. Money means everything! Principle means nothing!
        I am looking forward to publishing to assist the children in their learning and also, hopefully, help to increase their creativity. My writings also increase their acceptance that the things that they see as part of everday life have elements of creativity, passion, human response, and psychological development. My best regards, Graham

        • Dear Graham, thank you for the information regarding publishing through Amazon Kindle. I can’t believe they have treated you so poorly! Best of luck with finding an illustrator and I hope you find more success with your children’s short stories. It sounds like a very worthy project! Alys

          • Dear Alys, Thank you for your reply and the good wishes attatched to it.I will certainly will do all I can to make sure other authors are aware of the way Amazon Kindle operates sometimes, and assist the authors to protect themselves. I have at least 10 childrens stories ready for the graphic/artistic process at the moment and have had very enthusiastic responses from teachers who have introduced some of the stories to their young classes. They have seen the benefit of the creative way in which scientific and psychological processes and learning are being introduced to the children and enable the children to learn and understand without the difficulty of the normal learning process. The children suddenly understand because their minds have accepted and enjoyed the process rather than the normallearning process that can be difficult. regards, Graham

  11. I thank you kindly Alys for publishing this article and the list. I must admit it was very handy for my quest to search for a home for my little book. Thank you again.

    • You’re welcome Ashvin. I’m glad my list it has proved useful. Best of luck with your writing. Alys

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