Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm a poet and writer

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

anthologies and online.

Where’s the Post Office?

Follow the ducklings to Harrington Hill,

turn left at the letterbox,

then right at the mill.

Go straight through the witch wood

and under the yeti;

twice round the roundabout,

once past the jetty.

Skip by the rainbow and over the moon,

straight through to Wednesday

and then – very soon,

you’ll see a small signpost

with a large letter  P

But you’d better go quickly

they shut shop at 3.


10 thoughts on “Where’s the Post Office?

  1. dear Alys,
    you should really put this poem onto a book. it would be great. i like the way you put the ways to get to a post office. where did you get the idea???📡

    regards Tirath.

    • Thank you Tirath. I’m not sure where my silly ideas come from. I think I panic when people tell me directions which means I never know where I’m going. Which led me to imagining someone giving me really long, impossible directions…😄 Alys

  2. Hi Alys
    I really like this poem as it filled your head with millions of instructions. I think another way you could have ended this poem would’ve been oh no i think you might have to go tomorrow as it closed ten minutes ago. I wonder who was telling all these instructions. Imagine if you ever get lost and someone tells you load of instructions like this. I love this poem!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Yenuli! I love your idea for a different ending. That would be such fun. I really hate asking for directions because I always get distracted and then miss something…and am always toooooo embarrassed to ask again so go wandering off still not knowing where to go!!!! Waaah. Sigh. Alys 😌😝😢

    • Great comments Nuwin! Don’t you love rhymes?! They are such fun. I’m afraid this poem was very silly. I’m glad you liked it. Alys 😉😃

  3. Hi Alys,
    This was a nice short poem. I enjoyed reading it but got confused where actually the post office is 🤔

    • I can’t believe you were confused! I thought my instructions were very straightforward 😄😌😉 OK – yes, it’s a very silly poem. Alys

  4. Hi Alys,
    I loved your poem but the directions to get to the post office was very confusing. Where did you get the idea of this poem from?

    Japleen 😊

    • I know, Japleen – very confusing. I hope no-one tries to use the directions 😏😲. I’m not sure where the idea came from, I just wanted to write a poem about crazy directions. Alys

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