Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm a poet and writer

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in magazines,

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Baby Won’t Stop Crying!

My baby brother’s crying. What if he just won’t stop?
My mother’s running all around, clutching at a mop.
“Get up on the sofa!” Tears fill up the room.
Father’s soaking up the flood, with a towel and broom.

Then baby’s gliding past, upon a silver tray.
“Quick your little brother, before he floats away!”
We wade into the kitchen and open up the door,
are swept into the garden, as tears begin to pour.

Soon the garden disappears; we climb into a tree.
My father’s on his mobile, he’s dialling help for me.
A police boat rounds the corner, passes by our slide,
in it sits three gentlemen. “The Prime Minister’s inside!”

“Now, look here little baby, these tears have got to end!”
My brother just cries louder; their boat swept round the bend.
Mother wrings her hands while father rings the Queen.
She’s winched down from a copter -She has a jellybean!

“Now look here little baby, I have a treat for you.”
My brother pauses, takes a breath, considers what to do.
A jellybean, sweet shiny red, sits in the royal hand.

My baby brother smiles and there’s applause throughout the land.

Now, each year, come jellybeans, flown across the sea.
“With fond regards, I send this gift.” Signed Her Majesty!

99 thoughts on “Baby Won’t Stop Crying!

  1. I really liked this poem it reminds me of my cousin Hawke. He cries all time, but not enough for us to float away. thanks Maddison

    • Hi Maddison, thank you for your comments. I’m glad that you haven’t floated away on Hawke’s tears 🙂 Yet!! Alys

  2. HI!!! I don’t really cry that much and nether does my brother. But I have a few questions to ask.
    What was the baby’s name?
    Which country did they live in?
    How long did it take for the baby to fill up the house?
    How does the queen deliver jellybeans without fish eating them?
    Thanks!!!Sincerely Jameson. P.S if you haven’t already check your short story for me..

    • Hi Jameson, Hmm some really great questions!! If I think about it the baby should be called Debbie (my sister) because she cried a lot! The country definitely has to be Australia, and the house had to fill up really quickly for them to get trapped – minutes maybe! I’m afraid you’ll have to ask the Queen for the answer to the last question 🙂 Great questions. Thanks Alys

  3. Hi Alys, i liked that poem because it was silly. I have a baby brother and im lucky because he doesn’t really cry that much!
    From Leah 🙂

    • Hi Heather. I agree. This poem is indeed very, very silly. By the way, you are lucky to have a baby brother who doesn’t cry much!! Bye Alys

  4. Hi Alys,
    I liked this poem because it rhymes really well. I also like it because this is exactly like my sister at night, she cries until someone actually gets up and gets her, its annoying!

    Thanks for the poem
    Ella 🙂

    • Hi Ella, I’m very happy that you enjoyed this poem, but I’m sorry to hear that your sister cries at night. I’m sure she’ll stop when she gets older 🙂 Bye Alys

  5. Hi my name is Ella and I read this wonderful poem. I would give it 10/10 stars for creativity and for being funny. Thanks for writing this wow! poem it really lit up my day.

  6. The part of the poem I thought was funny was when the baby made a flood. when I read the poem I was laughing. A different ending is the baby went to bed and fell asleep.

    • Hi James, thank you for your comments, and I’m happy that the poem made you laugh. By the way, I really like your alternative ending. 🙂 Bye Alys

  7. This was a really silly poem. The flood was the best part because it was super silly.
    I like jellybeans like the baby.

    • Hi Jack. A very silly poem – I agree. And I also love jellybeans. Thank you for your comments. Bye Alys

    • Hi Emma, Yes, the photo was real but NOT a flood of tears! Thank goodness. I have written soo many poems and stories that I can’t answer how many. Lots!! Bye Alys. Great questions.

  8. This poem is so 😆 and I like it so much.And the pitcher is so funny. But The Best thing is the rhyming.😜😏

    • Hi Hayden, thank you for your comments. Rhyming is such fun, isn’t it? I’m happy you like the picture, too. Bye Alys

    • Hi again Camila, thank you for your comment and for letting me know that made you feel happy. 🙂 Bye Alys

  9. I liked how it was about babies in fact I even have a little brother. He is very cute he only cries when he’s unhappy,he’s done a poo,doesn’t want something ,he’s hurt himself or he’s just annoyed or something like that. His name is Max he’s happy most of the time and I agree with you some babies do cry a lot and thought it was funny because you said that the baby made a flood by crying it would have to do a lot of crying for that to happen.

    • Hi Ella, thank you for your comments and for telling me all about your brother Max. I’m glad that he’s happy most of the time. It would be sad if he cried as much as the baby in my poem!! I wouldn’t want him to flood your house. That would be a disaster :). Bye Alys

    • Hi Dakotah, thank you for your comment. I’m afraid babies do cry a lot. That’s why I decided to write the poem 🙂 Bye Alys

  10. So what were you doing when you where inspired to right this poem??
    Can you remember what year you wrote the story in??
    Love Paige😎😍😉👍👍🌝

    • Hi Paige, Very good questions. I think I must have written it when my children were young and crying a lot 🙂 I’m not sure what year it was but at least 6 years ago. Bye, Alys

  11. That is very cool inspiration 👍👍👍
    Well i am going to bed now so good night🌖🌖🌖

    • Thanks Brandy. I’m happy you thought the poem was funny, and I hope your little sister doesn’t flood your house with tears 🙂 Bye Alys

  12. i have 2 brothers.
    Roan is 2 and Jensen is almost 1.
    They cry alot but im glad that their tears dont flood our house or our town.

    • Hi Mya. Thank you for your wonderful comments. My goodness, I am so glad your brothers haven’t flooded your house! I am sorry I have taken so long to reply to you – I was on holiday 🙂 Bye, Alys

  13. Two years ago my baby cousin was born and every time i got to hold him he would start crying. Then the next year he got a baby sister and every time i held her she would not cry.

    • Hi Emma, I wonder why some babies cry and others don’t? Hmmm, I’m not sure. Thank you for reading the poem and it’s interesting to hear all your comments 🙂 Bye, Alys

  14. I liked the rhymes. I liked when the Queen came down from a copter and had a jellybean in her hands and she gave it to the baby. The baby stopped crying. I wonder why the baby was crying May be the baby was hungry or may be the baby was sleepy

    • Some really great comments Linuka. I really hadn’t thought about why the baby was crying but I love your ideas. I think we should go with hungry. My two children used to howl when they were hungry – but don’t tell them I said that :). Bye, Alys

  15. Ha Alys jackson its Tameka Howard again i really liked the last poem so i read another one it was great and made me smile from Tameka 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼😀

    • Thank you Tameka! I’m so happy to know that you enjoyed reading my poetry Bye Alys 🙂 Isn’t is great when poems make us smile?!

  16. Wow never have read a poem like this it cheered up my day more thanks so much love it.Wroughtiron08

    • Hi Wroughtiron08, thank you for letting me know that my poem cheered up your day! 🙂 Bye, Alys

  17. Hi Alys
    My grandma read me Baby Won’t Stop Crying. I loved it. I thought it was very funny and I liked it when the queen gave him a jellybean and he stopped crying. I think he was crying because a tooth was coming through.
    Ashton B

    • Hi again Ashton, I’ve just spotted this message!! Please say a big thank you to your grandma for reading to you 🙂 And I love your comments 🙂 Bye again, Alys

  18. Hi my name is Ashton B I am 7 years old. I thought your poem was funny, I liked it because I thought the baby was cute. I think he was crying because he had a tooth coming through. 🙂

    • Hi Ashton, I’m so glad you thought my poem was funny. I think you must know babies very well because they do usually cry when their teeth come through!! 🙂 Bye Alys

    • Hi Emily, it does sound real but I’m glad it isn’t!! Wow, I hope your brother doesn’t flood your house. 🙂 Alys

  19. Hi Alys yes it must sound very very annoying this is a question for you do you have a younger brother ?

    • Hi again Natalee. No, I don’t have a younger brother, but I do have two older sisters who were lots of fun. I wonder if you have a younger brother? Bye Alys

  20. Hi Alys ,my parents told me that that I cried a lot when l was a baby😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🐼🐼🐼🐼🐶🐶🐶🐶

    • Hi Natasha, I think every baby cries a lot! PS: I love all your emojis. And sorry this raply was so late. Everyone in my house is sick!! Bye Alys 🙂

  21. Hi Madison, when I’ve read your poem it was the best one I’ve ever read out of all these poems. And I also have 2 small brothers that also cries, it drives me crazy. Hahah

    • Hi Zaynab. You have 2 brothers that drive you crazy?? Poor you. I’m glad you liked the poem 🙂

  22. the poem suggests to me that there is a flood yet could this be a play on words and the poem is about trying to settle the baby

  23. Hi Alys Jackson
    I really liked your poem, I know a crying baby would be annoying because I have a little brother and he is cute and annoying.

    • Hi Tharinsa, thank you for your comments. Crying babies can be soooo loud, can’t they?! I’m sure your cute baby brother will stop one day… I hope! 🙂 Bye Alys

  24. Hi ,
    I like this poem , actually this is a different & creative idea . I agreed with you all babies 👶 crying so loudly 😢

    • Thank you Methuli. I’m glad you agree because babies really do cry a lot!! My two certainly did…:) Bye Alys

  25. Hi Aiys, I love the poem because I also have a baby brother. I love the meaning and added creativity which makes me smile at the end.

  26. Hi Aiys, I love the poem because I also have a baby brother and it is exactly describe him

    • Hello again Thenumi. Love your comments. I don’t really think a baby brother or sister would flood your house 🙂 But it is a fun idea, isn’t it? Bye Alys

  27. There was definitely a lot of exaggeration in this poem and I liked the rhyming you used in every line. I have a brother and I’m glad that he didn’t flood the house with tears when he was small. 👶

    • Your comments made me chuckle Chomilka 🙂 I am also very glad that your brother didn’t flood the house with tears. Wouldn’t that be something to hear on the late news?!! And I’m glad you liked the rhyming and the very silly exaggeration in this poem.

    • Thanks Zayne. It’s nice to know that this poem made you laugh. And well, who doesn’t love jellybeans? Yum 🙂 Bye Alys

  28. i thought this was a very funny poem it made me laugh so hard i stared crying lol. I LOVE JELLYBEANS SO MUCH.

    • Hi Fleur. Your comments made ME laugh. I’m very happy that the poem made you laugh so hard that you started crying 🙂 And I love jellybeans too. Although I think I love chocolates more… Bye Alys

  29. Hi Alys,
    This poem reminded me of the time I spilt my milk when I was small & how I got scolded by my mother. I am the little brother at home who usually does not cry. I liked when the queen gave the little baby brother a jellybean. If I can change anything it would be instead of baby brother, a baby sister crying.
    A different ending would be a funny elephant came and made baby laugh.

    • Wow Tirath you make so many wonderful comments. And I love your different endings. A funny elephant would be a very cool way to finish this poem. I think you should try writing it!! And how about a poem about the time you spilt the milk? That would be cool, too. Bye Alys

  30. Hi Alys
    Your poem made me laugh but I did not cry
    I think maybe instead of the queen coming and stopping the baby from crying maybe you could have included a clown or a trapezium to make the baby stop crying by showing different acts that they know. Your poem was really good but maybe instead of a jellybean they give the baby a sticker.

    • Hi Yenuli. You have given me some great ideas here. Clowns and trapeziums? Now that would be fun to write. Although I’d have trouble rhyming with trapezium? And stickers are a wonderful idea! All children love stickers, don’t they? I think that YOU should write some poems…I’d love to read them…Bye Alys

  31. Hi Alys,
    After I read your poem, I asked my Mum whether I cried when I was little. She said “yes”.
    I think baby stopped crying not because of the jellybean but he likes Red. If it is not red he is still crying.


    • Hi Dinidu. I think that most babies cry a lot when they are young. I really like your idea that the baby stopped crying because he likes red – I think you might be right 🙂 I wonder which is your favourite colour? Bye Alys

  32. Hi Alys,
    My name is Mia I am 9 years old
    wow! I feel like my sister cry’s a lot to and I liked that you made it funny. Bye Alys

    • Hi Mia – thank you for your comments and I hope that your sister doesn’t cry as much as the baby in the poem 🙂 Bye Alys

      • Hi again Mia. It’s nice to know that you like the poem and I hope that you get to go outside 🙂 Bye Alys

  33. I liked the way it rhymed and I found it funny, if this was real we need a lot of boats and jellybeans to stop all the babies cyring

    • Very true Miabella-Rose 🙂 I don’t think there are enough jellybeans in the whole wide world to stop all the babies from crying!!!! Bye Alys

    • Oh dear, your poor family! I hope your sister doesn’t flood out the street 🙂 Maybe you should buy some jellybeans just in case!! Bye Alys

  34. Hi Alys I really love your poem. You have used a lot of rhyming words in it. My sister cries a lot which is really annoying like in your poem. From Chethi

    • Thank you for your comments Chethya. Yes, I have used lots of rhyming words which was great fun to do. Bye Alys

  35. Hi Alys! I really liked this poem because it was very funny. It kind of reminds me of how whenever I call my friend, I can hear her baby brother crying in the background! The poem made me feel a bit sad because I never like it when anyone cries.


    • Your poor friend Mihaela – I hope her baby brother doesn’t cry ALL the time 🙂 I’m pleased you found the poem funny even if you do feel sad when people cry! Bye Alys

  36. Hi Alys,
    I like this poem because it makes me think about how cute babies are even when they cry and make a lot of noise
    From Cadence

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