Hi, my name is Alys Jackson and I'm an author and poet

based in Adelaide, South Australia.

My work has been published in books, magazines,

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Psycho RoboMum

‘I heard you’re going to download your mum this weekend,’ said Cain, his hands filled with sloppy wet sand.

Jordan caught some as it slid between Cains knuckles. ‘Saturday, I think.’ He dribbled it onto the head of a large sandy lump. ‘Dad said she should be online by Sunday morning.’

‘What are you making?’ demanded Mandy suspiciously.

The two boys blinked into the sun. Cain’s sister was looming above them, one hand shielding her eyes, the other clutching two chocolate ice creams.

‘An elephant,’ offered Cain. He made it sound like a question.

‘Looks more like a whale,’ said Mandy. She turned to Jordan. ‘How old was she when she died?’ She thrust out a half-melted ice cream.

Jordan took it and let his tongue slide up the sides to catch the syrupy drips. ’51, I think.’ He paused to suck his fingers. ‘Dad’s bought her the updated version of the RoboMum 5000. Mum made him promise before she died.’

Cain was impressed.

Cain’s brother, Henry, who at seven was still too young to understand the intricacies of uploading mothers, screwed his face into a pout. ‘Woss a RoboMum?’

‘It’s what mums turn into when they die,’ said Mandy.

‘If you’re rich enough,’ added Cain.

Henry’s pout became a scowl.

Jordan tried to explain. ‘In the old days they used to bury people under the ground when they died. Now they scan their brains -’

‘While they’re still alive,’ added Cain ghoulishly.

‘- and map all the data until they can upload a 3-dimensional exact copy of the person’s brain onto the Interweb. It’s like a super powerful computer.’

Henry didn’t look convinced. ‘That sounds silly.’

‘It does,’ agreed Jordan. ‘But it works. It means that people don’t have to die anymore -’

‘If they have enough money -’ added Cain.

Jordan glared at him. ‘It means that people can live inside a computer. Or in Mum’s case, the RoboMum 5000.’

‘Cool,’ said Henry with macabre delight. ‘Can we see her?’

Jordan shrugged. ‘Why don’t you all come over sometime next week? I don’t think Mum will mind.’

Cain, Mandy and Henry approached Jordan’s Mum quietly and with great trepidation. She had her back turned so all they could see was the back of a very realistic robot sitting in a complicated, computerised wheelchair come mobility scooter.

The scooter turned abruptly and they simultaneously let out a quick, sharp gasp.

‘Cain. Mandy. Oh, and little Henry. How are you my darlings?’ enthused RoboMum.

Mandy’s bottom lip slowly re-joined her upper lip and she leaned forward to stare.

‘What do you think?’ asked RoboMum, giving a little twirl.

‘You look … just … the same,’ said Mandy, choosing her words carefully.

RoboMum really did look like Mandy remembered her, right down to the thick blond curls and dark mole just above the left eye.

RoboMum beamed with pleasure. ‘I feel fantastic,’ she gushed. ‘And so much younger.’ She lifted her perfect robot fingers and did a complete 360 swivel.

Cain stared at the scooter in open admiration. ‘Great turning circle!’ His eyes were shining. ‘How old do you have to be to get one of those things?’

Dead,’ hissed Mandy in a tight whisper, and aimed a kick at his shin.

‘That’s alright,’ laughed RoboMum. ‘I’m not at all offended. And I don’t feel dead in the least. In fact I’ve never felt more alive.’

Feel?’ repeated Cain. ‘Can you still feel things?’

‘In a way,’ replied RoboMum. She waggled her fingers. ‘Not quite in the same way as before, of course. I mean, my fingers contain sensors to tell me when I’m touching things, and I can still feel excitement and happiness. But I don’t get hot anymore. Or tired. It’s hard to explain.’

Cain was still staring at the scooter. ‘Do you have to stay in it all the time?’

RoboMum nodded. ‘Until they improve the technology that’s helping me stay alive, then yes.’

‘We’re having a party next Sunday,’ said Jordan into the silence that followed. ‘For Halloween. And to celebrate Mum’s rebirth. Would you like to come?’

‘Are you kidding?’ cried Cain. He turned to Jordan’s mum, excited. ‘Can you make your eyes go red in the dark? Or spin your head in circles?’

Mandy kicked him for a second time.

On the evening of the Halloween party, storm clouds began to gather over the hills behind Jordan’s house.

‘Just as well we’re having it indoors,’ said RoboMum. She touched Jordan’s arm and he wondered at how warm she felt. Artificial of course but comforting. In fact, Jordan was constantly surprised at how little she had really changed.

There was a low rumbling growl and a quick, bright flash.

‘Lighting,’ said Jordan.

RoboMum turned and motorised back inside the house. ‘Best batten down the hatches,’ she laughed. ‘Tonight’s going to be a real humdinger of a Halloween party. Storm and all.’

The first guests oohed at RoboMum in her Robowitch, Halloween outfit complete with wild black hair and long, curving nails.

‘Your mum looks awesome,’ whispered Cain, appearing in a white skeleton suit and carrying a lantern.

A devilish Mandy prodded him hard in the back with a trident. ‘That doesn’t excuse you from asking Dad how much longer he thought he had to live!’

Cain was unrepentant ‘I was only asking. Dad didn’t mind.’

‘Where’s Henry?’ asked Jordan.

‘Mum thinks he’s too young for Halloween parties,’ said Mandy. She took a look around the living room. ‘I love what you’ve done. Really creepy.’

Jordan and his parents had spent hours decorating. There were cobwebs and skeletons hanging from the ceiling, streamers in the shape of tiny bats, and carved out pumpkins with flickering candles concealed inside. In the kitchen they’d laid out a black tablecloth and bowls of eerie treats. Sugary spiders, a chocolate cake formed into the shape of a skull, green jelly containing hidden edible horrors, and baskets of lolly brains.

‘Great party,’ yelled Cain as a clap of thunder flickered the already dim lights.

‘Party,’ echoed RoboMum, gliding silently past. ‘Party, party, party.’

Jordan stared after her.

‘That was weird,’ mouthed Cain.

RoboMum turned and came back. She was carrying a bowl of custard filled with chocolate frogs some of which was dribbling over the edge and down her legs.

‘Are you OK?’ asked Jordan.

‘Party,’ said RoboMum cheerfully then tipped the bowl of custard until the contents slid out and over an expensive Persian rug.

Cain glanced at Jordan. ‘Is she supposed to do that?’ he whispered.

Jordan went in search of Dad. He was in the kitchen doing a very embarrassing imitation of a dancing vampire.

‘I think there’s something wrong with Mum,’ he whispered.

Cain nodded emphatically.

His father let out a vampirish laugh. ‘Don’t be daft. RoboMum has a one hundred year guarantee. Your Mum’s never been healthier.’

RoboMum hurtled into the kitchen trailing a long length of streamers and singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of her voice, or rather in the electronically generated voice of Bart Simpson.

Oh,’ said Dad. He followed his wife out into the laundry. ‘Darling are you alright?’

RoboMum beamed back at him. ‘Isn’t this party just wonderful?’ she cried. She up-ended a bowl of breadstick fingers over the tiled floor.

‘Does she come with an instruction manual?’ whispered Jordan.

‘Not that I know of,’ said Dad.

Cain ducked as RoboMum returned to the kitchen and began tossing out gummy eyeballs. ‘Can you reset her?’ he suggested. ‘It works with my computer. I just turn it off then on again.’

‘Impossible,’ said Dad. ‘She has total control of all her functions.’

Mandy’s head peeped around the kitchen door. ‘What’s up with RoboMum?’ she asked.

‘Not sure,’ replied Jordan.

There was an ear shattering clap of thunder and RoboMum began spinning in dizzying circles, her arms outstretched. Chairs flew, jugs of cordial toppled and smashed, paintings were scattered, and lollies rocketed in all directions like tiny sugary bullets.

‘Do something!’ howled Jordan.

‘I don’t know what,’ yelled back Dad.

‘Isn’t this fun!’ hollered RoboMum.

‘Why does she sound like Bart Simpson?’ asked Cain.

I don’t know,’ yelled Jordan and his father in unison.

‘Maybe we should call the police,’ said Mandy as a large glass bowl whizzed past to explode against the fridge. ‘Before she hurts someone.’

‘You are not calling the police on my mother,’ snapped Jordan angrily.

‘We could lock her in the playroom,’ suggested Cain. ‘It has a bolt on the outside, doesn’t it?’

‘Brilliant!’ cried Dad.

By this time, the noise had attracted the rest of the guests who were staring in open-mouthed wonder at the mess that was the kitchen.

‘Come on, Mum,’ called Jordan in his most soothing tones. ‘Let’s go into the playroom to see the lanterns.’

‘No!’ declared RoboMum cheerfully. She switched her voice to that of a cartoon duck. ‘I want to dance, dance, dance.’ She hurtled into the living room scattering guests in all directions. People leapt onto tables, climbed on top of cupboards and hid beneath chairs. One small child even managed to scale the curtains.

‘Do something,’ yelled the adults to the tune of thriller by Michael Jackson, which was playing over the speakers.

RoboMum began dancing like a madwoman, taking out a tall standard lamp, and knocking it sideways into an even taller fern which wobbled then crashed to the ground spilling soil all over the floor. Everyone began screaming.

‘We’re doomed,’ cried Cain melodramatically. ‘And I’m not even a teenager.’

There was another deafening boom and the lights flickered then died, plunging them into a terrifying darkness.

Jordan’s heart was beating so fast he was seeing tiny sparkly stars.

‘What’s happening?’ whimpered the child clinging to the curtains.

‘The power’s gone out,’ said Dad, from somewhere to Jordan’s right.

‘Probably the storm,’ said someone else.

There was a minute of silence as everyone let their eyes adjust to the dim candlelight.

‘What’s happened to RoboMum?’ asked Mandy.

RoboMum had frozen in mid dance, both arms raised above her head.

Jordan’s dad let out a long breath. ‘Of course. The storm must have short-circuited some of her controls. No wonder she’s been acting so erratically.’

‘Is she alright?’ asked Jordan, feeling a little scared.

His father very carefully approached RoboMum and touched something on the back of her chair. His mother gradually returned to life.

Her eyes took in the shadowy room, toppled furniture, broken dishes, smears, stains, and piles of food on the floor. Eventually, she spotted the child hanging form the curtains. ‘What on Earth is going on?’ she asked. She sounded torn between anger, disbelief and amusement.

‘Don’t you remember?’ replied Cain in a mischievous tone. ‘The Halloween party?’

All around him the guests dissolved into helpless, but rather nervous laughter.

‘Is she alright?’ asked Mandy, during assembly the next day.

Jordan nodded. ‘Fine. Turns out that Dad forgot to activate the safety switch to stop Mum’s circuits being damaged during a lighting storm. And he forgot to initiate her backup generator. Mum’s furious. She’s making him clear up the mess in the kitchen as punishment.’

Mandy chuckled.

‘Maybe we can switch off her safety thingy again next Halloween,’ said Cain, appearing from nowhere and scaring them both half to death.

‘No!’ yelled Jordan and Mandy together.

Cain just grinned. ‘Oh come on,’ he laughed. ‘You have to admit it. That really was the best Halloween party ever.’

This time he was ready for Mandy’s kick and dodged it easily, his laughter echoing down the corridor and out into the schoolyard.

Ever!’ he repeated loudly, and even Jordan had to smile.

80 thoughts on “Psycho RoboMum

  1. Wow this story is amazing.
    its funny, mysterious and really cool
    i would love to be a robot. i really liked this book.
    great job Alys

    Aakaash 😉📖📘

    • Good comments Aakaash. I agree that it would be pretty cool to be a robot. I’m so glad you enjoyed this mysterious and funny story! Alys 😊

  2. Hey Alys! You know, if I had a robomum I would have been really creeped out. I don’t really support the idea of having one. If they’re dead, they’re dead. But I guess different people have different opinions. Anyways great story! I enjoyed the horror. I still have one amazing thought. What if it wasn’t a problem with safety mode? That the robomum naturally behaves like that? That would’ve been really cool!

    • Goodness me, I agree with you Thisali. Sometimes I think it would be cool but not if it were my own mother!! I agree that the idea is creepy which is why it worked so well as a Halloween story 🎃🎃 I loved your alternative ending idea!! Alys 😊

  3. This was a really good story I was impressed by the idea 💡.Maybe next time you could do a phycho family 🙂

    • A whole Psycho family!!? Hmmm, that’s an interesting idea. Maybe I should try. I’m glad you liked the story because it took agesssssss to write 😁😄 Alys

  4. Hi Alys
    it is a lovely story and I wonder when robot people will be made ?
    I like the names of the characters.

    • Great comments Yuneth. Many countries are already making robots who look very similar to people – it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Alys 😊

  5. Dear Alys
    WOW! That story was so interesting. I felt so interested in what was coming next the story. Where did you get the idea of Psycho RoboMum? That was such a good story.

    • Glad you enjoyed the story, Thinara. Definitely NOT a true story, and I really can’t remember how I got the idea. It certainly is a strange one!! 😖😜 Alys PS: I’ll try to make a note when I get the next idea!!

  6. OMG!!! that would have to be the best story i have read in ages! (and i read a lot!!!) but seriously it was full of humor adventure and RoboMum is such an inventive and creative idea! i loved it, also hope she goes on more adventures like that soon!

    • Wow, Madeline, what great comments. I really had a lot of fun writing RoboMum – wouldn’t it be great to live forever?! I would have such fun and you could see and learn soooo much! Alys😄😉

  7. I liked the way that you made a Robo mum story that’s very creative. If i had a Robo mum it would be a crazy house hold.

    • Hi Sara, thank you for the comments and for reading Psycho RoboMum. It’s an extremely silly story and I’m quite glad it’s fiction – I think my house would be crazy, too – if I had a RoboMum!!!! Alys

  8. Hi Alys 👋,
    I love Psycho Robo 🤖 Mum. You have an incredible imagination and I have only read two of your stories!! Technology is brilliant who knows maybe one day scientists 🥼 will invent a device that will keep you alive forever ♾. Robo Mum is so funny 😂 and I love 💕 the end when Dad gets punished with the punishment of cleaning 🧼 the kitchen. Talent 🥇should be your middle name!!!!!!! 😸
    – Clara ❤️

    • Great to hear your comments, Clara! Ha!! maybe I shall rename myself Alys TALENT Jackson 😄😁😉 I’m so pleased that you liked the ending. And fingers crossed that one day technology will enable us all to live forever … maybe that way I might just finish all those story ideas… Alys

  9. Hi Alys
    I really like your story psycho Robo Mum.What an amazing story. I loved it. But maybe next time you can leave a bit of mystery.Imagine if we had a robotic mother that would just be awesome.It would be great if that was real life! I would’ve liked to hear about RoboMum doing even more crazy things!. I really love it keep it up!!!


    • Hi Methuli, it would be fun to have a RoboMum but not a crazy one! I’m glad you liked the story, and I will keep your comments in mind next time I write 🙂 Alys

  10. I would like to change the story by adding a explosion at the Halloween party that would of been epic! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • He he, Alexander – what a great idea…like the way you’re thinking there. Maybe you should write a story? Loving the emojis Alys 🙂

  11. I really liked how they made a RoboMum. It would be great if that was real life! I would’ve liked to hear about RoboMum doing even more crazy things!

    • Thanks for the comments Caleb – I can’t imagine RoboMum being even crazier, but maybe I should try it next time!! That would be fun to write 🙂 Alys

  12. Hi Alys, I two sides of coin in this story…..No mam can replace by a robotic mam. But for the children who has lost their mam this gives idea of having a robotic mam so that they dont feel lonely to some extend. Specially as technology is so advice and to soem extend it is cheap. Sucha innovative idea. Love it soooooo much. This is the best I read so far.

    • Great points Dinethri. I don’t think a robot could ever replace someone we love – especially a mother or father!! I’m really pleased that you enjoyed this story and thank you for so many comments 🙂 Bye Alys

  13. Hi Alys
    I really like your story psycho RoboMum. Just imagine if we had a robotic mother that would just be awesome. your poem made me think out of the box and think Into the future. love it keep it up


    • Thanks again Yenuli. This was such a fun story to write – science fiction stories really allow you to use your imagination and go a little wild 🙂 Bye Alys

  14. It was a great story, I thought it was funny when RoboMum went crazy. I wish we could do that with people who have died, keep them alive in a way. You’re a great author, thank you.

    • Hi Fleur, so glad you enjoyed Psycho RoboMum. Love your comments, too. And who knows? Technology is so amazing these days – maybe they will find a way to help people stay alive longer 🙂 Bye Alys

  15. This story was absolutely amazing. I love how this story was quite futuristic and it is quite strange how much things can change in the coming years. I’m just wondering how you are such an excellent writer. Would you be able to tell me your secret?

    • Thank you for your comments Chomilka. I’m not sure there is a secret to my writing 🙂 Reading is very important if you want to write well. And lots of practice!! And never give up!!!

  16. Hi Alys, that was a great story. My favourite part is when the small child managed to climb onto the curtains. It was my favourite part because it was amazing how she was able to get up there. It was a very creative story but I hope it will never happen to my mum. The title explained robomum perfectly. How many stories have you written?

    • Hi Claudia. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and I really hope that it never happens to anyone you know 🙂 I’m sure it won’t. You ask how many stories I’ve written. I’m afraid I’ve written so many I can’t answer… But it must be close to one hundred now. Bye Alys

  17. Wonderful story, i enjoyed the part at the end which seemed like the 3 friends were having a lot of fun. Its weird to think that in the near future our technologies could be so advanced that we would be able to transfer our consciousness onto to robots, don’t you?

    • I do indeed Thenumi. The possibility of being able to ‘exist’ within robots raises all kinds of possibilities, doesn’t it? Travelling through space would no longer be an issue, neither would swimming deep beneath the sea or exploring wildly different planets…OOh, I feel another story forming 🙂 Bye Alys

  18. Hi. The book was awesome. I think you really are born to be a writer. Well if scientists invented a gadget that let people go into books I would be the first to into this book and that is definite.

    • Thank you Mayumdi! What a lovely thing to say 🙂 I think that maybe YOU should write a story. What a wonderful idea…a gadget that lets people into books. Wow! Bye, Alys

    • Thank you Kiran. Wouldn’t it be fun to turn into a robot! Just think of all the amazing things you could do 🙂 Bye, Alys

    • Hi Will, thank you for your comment. It is good to know that you enjoyed the story. Thanks, Alys

  19. Lovely story.
    My mum and I read this together and found it to be very funny and remind me of my family.

    • Hi Zachary, I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply to your lovely comment. I am glad you enjoyed the story and thought it was funny. It is fun reading stories together! Bye Alys

    • Hi Zoe, thank you for your comments, and I’m so pleased that you enjoy my stories and poems 🙂 Bye Alys

  20. Hi Paige again!!!😉
    I just wanted to say that u r such a great story writer that i will deffently read more of your stories!!
    By the way loved the story!!😉😉😉😉😶😉😉😶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    • Hi Paige, thank you for your comments and for so many :)! I am glad that you want to read more stories. I will add some more soon. Bye Alys

  21. Hi, Lily again! I think this was a really cool, original story but I think you could have made it a little shorter. It makes me imagine what robots would be like in Harry Potter. I love your work, keep it up! (By the way, my favorite story is Hana & Momo
    Bye, Lily 🙂

    • Hi again Lily. Thank you for the great comments. Again. I can’t imagine robots in Harry Potter but it would be an interesting idea, wouldn’t it!? I’m glad your favourite story was Momo and Hana. I will try to add a couple of more stories soon. Sorry this reply took so long but my website was down for a while. Bye Alys.

    • Thank you Flynn. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, and I agree that RoboMum got a bit crazy! 🙂 Bye Alys

    • Hi again Stephanie, that’s OK. If you’d like to read another story, try Momo and Hana which is also on my children’s fiction page 🙂 Bye Alys

  22. This was a brilliant story
    don’t mind me asking but can you please make a new story
    Thanks Stephanie 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie, thank you for your comment. I will certainly post some more stories very soon. 🙂 Bye Alys

  23. A few nights ago we went to the beach after the party had finished & we had soooooo much fun

    That was a great story & where do you get all the ideas from?:)

    • Hi Emma, I’m amazed that you went to the beach – it is so cold here in Adelaide :). I’m glad that you enjoyed the story. I have no idea where my stories come from but I read lots and that helps to give me ideas – sometimes very silly ideas. Bye Alys

  24. This story was cool and interesting to read. The Halloween party sounded scary, crazy and also funny at times. I quite liked this story.

    • Hi Jack, thank you for the comments and I’m glad you liked the story. I agree that the Halloween party was rather crazy at times. Bye Alys

    • Hi Aimee, thank you for your comment. I’m very pleased that you liked my story 🙂 Bye, Alys

  25. This was a very crazy story and I loved it soooo much.I agree that it is the best Halloween party ever.They got scared and ended up loving it. 🙄

    • Hi Abbey. Thank you for the great comments and I’m very glad that you liked Psycho RoboMum so much 🙂 Bye Alys

  26. This I such a funny story, I really enjoyed it.
    please keep writing short stories, I am really enjoying them.
    Bye Maddison

    • Hi Maddison, I’m pleased you enjoyed my story and I will definitely keep writing them. Bye Alys

  27. That was cool! I liked that Jordan had a robomum and i think that people in real life, if they seen someone act that way they would get scared and run! I liked the idea of a robomum as well because that would mean you would never have to lose anyone you love.
    Thank you

    • Hi Leah, I think it would quite cool to have a robomum, but I agree that it might be scary too! Thank you for your comments. Bye Alys 🙂

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